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  Rick Clark fb20c54a76 removed dendrobates from Planet OpenStack 11 years ago
  Rick Clark 645bad43c6 Added dendrobates to Planet OpenStack 11 years ago
  John Dickinson 02beba58e4 Added notmyname (John Dickinson) to Planet OpenStack 11 years ago
  jaypipes@gmail.com b8599f64a7 Remove white background on my picture.. 11 years ago
  jaypipes@gmail.com 6792997b43 Fix up my feed URL 11 years ago
  Michael Barton 5b0d79bf62 Added redbo to Planet OpenStack 11 years ago
  Eric Day ad3d48371c Added eday's planet info. 11 years ago
  Joshua McKenty c42fcd8e76 Addin myself to the planet 11 years ago
  jaypipes@gmail.com a35add19bc add jaypipes to planet openstack 11 years ago
  Soren Hansen 6d8120ca55 Change dimensions of my hackergotchi so that it doesn't get stretched. 11 years ago
  Monty Taylor e091c0f9ad Added a p tag. 11 years ago
  Monty Taylor 14f610979d Added explanation of adding your blog in the sidebar. 11 years ago
  Soren Hansen fab83f9a40 Add Soren to the planet. 11 years ago
  Monty Taylor fcf05eecc9 Added openstack logo. 11 years ago
  hudson 448ed4aa14 Changed head size. 11 years ago
  hudson 9c9741fd28 Added support for images. Include all of the theme files in the bzr branch. 11 years ago
  hudson 1dd01f8595 Added initial config. 11 years ago