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Rich Bowen 104df10dcb Adds Fabian Arrfab's OpenStack/RDO posts.
Change-Id: I6573eb0efe91dc45ebf435b1b09f4e0623303b81
6 years ago
Swapnil Kulkarni 6b6793c664 Update blog location for coolsvap blog
Change-Id: I6e3887f6ab6a2605e664ccf849bc02eecc148ab4
6 years ago
Nir Magnezi ded6c7b2de Added nirmagnezi to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I1f319026ee2829f07fc862bb4e748c5d0f5ded34
6 years ago
Kashyap Chamarthy f675489ccf Update the blog feed for kashyapc.com
Unfortunately, due to a mistake I made during domain renewal on
Wordpress.com, I lost the kashyapc.com domain to a spammer.

So, change the feed from:




Change-Id: I229d954befe09e4ea458d8dc6e0f1a016d628d0f
6 years ago
Kenneth Giusti 87abe1f015 Added kgiusti to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I0e37efa50eb4cd4528f0410e90012b37a5f3b054
6 years ago
Corey Bryant 6f9bb1b72f Added coreycb to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ic68f51703d48f3a150543dd7730941e73cff3ab8
6 years ago
Stephen Finucane 9d49af45db Added sfinucan to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: If763cabb17b98df82f1c0d0fba660c451bb8f355
6 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 8f9accbf73 Added rss feed for Ihar Hrachyshka
Change-Id: I08f8419a60cd378100038de83fcd638d34f4584c
6 years ago
Jenkins 13e2725e57 Merge "Update the RSS feed link for dmsimard.com" 6 years ago
David Moreau-Simard f97862f7d1 Update the RSS feed link for dmsimard.com
I've moved to another blog platform and the RSS feed is located at
a slightly different place.

Change-Id: Id9240e2f40388467c9143e1365e6abe74026edb8
6 years ago
Rich Bowen af3d529781 Adds JohnLikesOpenStack (John Fulton).
Change-Id: I6ce57cad740de70e48c98c7a90bc203d749d5f0d
6 years ago
Nikhil Kathole a9c499637c Added Report : Let's OpenStack 2017, Pune to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I79a269545a323e5f28492652bdb6e60f0ca4b2a5
6 years ago
Nick Chase 3d21525831 Correcting Mirantis Feed
Feed will now show only OpenStack-related content.

Change-Id: Iaf293f2b8498494507d671654de1c3e07ce92596
6 years ago
Hart Hoover b8b2a8e8bb Added Cisco blogs to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I363d0eabb4b147cbdbd308b23468d737e36ecae2

Change-Id: I776e43abcd8f98da820e78e2cb98b6f064dee5cd
6 years ago
Irena Berezovsky b96363bfb9 Added Dragonflow Team blog to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I8eca0cfc8fd05b7c518f456b4b09acabc40292d9
6 years ago
Eran Rom 1ab603319c Added eranrom to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I5d16ce984fb31cbbf1974480ba6ebba512d4d578
6 years ago
Chris Smart 4108b61ff0 Added csmart to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ib286e95941e1bc0b176b60550235440153f738d2
6 years ago
Stig Telfer d1fcc5f406 Add StackHPC team blog
Blog atom feed for StackHPC Ltd

Change-Id: Ic8f525dc9410ae7f8860fead2fb0673eba3f6400
7 years ago
Leif Madsen 27a4c54a96
Added NFVPE to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ie947eb38503cb80e3aac55816fcb1f6a24641c53
7 years ago
Dougal Matthews 8002d9239d Update my blog feed URL
Change-Id: I608dd26f1bf8c911101541250242950447fc3a5f
7 years ago
Zara bf2dad59e3 Add the StoryBoard blog to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ic6b907d2ee2cddd3c96772e8e07767f7f36e3934
7 years ago
Bernard Cafarelli 77e1db14ad
Added bcafarel to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I096ea317d662d2203151681e5fecf6ea23229668
7 years ago
David Stanek 588b770132 Added dstanek to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I6ba0b5bbee82cd023bcc8f9243d0e8f6b95ba6f6
7 years ago
Thanassis Parathyras b34921e6a9 Updated Stackmasters to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I01d303d8fa8811b857a3af422e54ad958b714bfd
7 years ago
Amrith Kumar 10290f1738 Added amrith to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I2f8a527f115c2168a5e0f38bcfb6da06ce86cc8d
7 years ago
Mike Dorman bf040fb396 Added mdorman to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ife2585810d6815758d99d69386de791c1adff0b6
7 years ago
Lance Bragstad 564f496abe Added lbragstad to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I6d4af77bbe42030f833740fa5e29d25be85d85d6
7 years ago
Mark McLoughlin 617854c030 My blog has moved
Also update my hackergotchi.

Change-Id: I2be5bad9dc449d4cdf97b0c5a11c48e5c043f0d8
7 years ago
Alvaro Lopez Garcia 3a2efa2204 Add myself to the planet
Change-Id: I38ce4f62a3ac9d00edbdecf3c4848620bd641d1e
7 years ago
Jenkins 5ad8055035 Merge "Add Artom Lifshitz to planet" 7 years ago
Rob Esker c26fe05080 Updates the URL for the NetApp OpenStack blog feed
Change-Id: I210e2206499c277460b2d893326a60ef1c171a5e
7 years ago
Artom Lifshitz 067774873d Add Artom Lifshitz to planet
Change-Id: I26ce99efc332a44c81d4b3070bd07e6530cfbcf1
7 years ago
Dougal Matthews 930bf4068f Add myself to the planet
Change-Id: I613aad1f7062de28067665147b0a12fd5dafa2c9
7 years ago
Stefano Maffulli e917ac58ed Updated feed for superuser
Change-Id: Idc6aec70e44c956e3158a5dc66f59be099ac304e
7 years ago
Stefano Maffulli 5abe72cdc6 updated DreamHost feed
Change-Id: Icf8f6b58c93ccf416164b58c535ba8d534551d8c
7 years ago
Julio E. Villarreal a66b004515 Added juliovp01 to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I176c583a203a59cfc714dd44e9b43361bb34dcc9
7 years ago
Bob Ball f4769caafe Add Citrix OpenStack blog to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I50de7d18454b0d8af6f90768b0ae8f63b85fcf88
7 years ago
Carlos Camacho 9c4a7be469 Update ccamacho picture
In all my profiles I have the picture upside down, so I
want to be consistent and have it as all my other accounts.

Change-Id: I2fb9a22519c45384b792560a0b821df83b017de9
7 years ago
Carlos Camacho 96a1177cef Add Carlos Camacho to planet
Change-Id: I9beda763094c34f0d28d4f27e4748c5372c9b987
7 years ago
Stefano Maffulli 55e14a9cd9 Updated DreamHost link to new hierarchy
Change-Id: Ie260db3638ea8958d4e74e3fe2ef7a1c662070dc
7 years ago
Dan Prince 233c8cd475 Add dprince to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I9950287574b1cf847254af9b5c0a2f62f2a6b118
7 years ago
Ionuț Bîru 53bd22a617 Update url for fleio
Change-Id: I2401d910ef416ee0988ec57ced6a9962f1946bab
7 years ago
Ionuț Bîru 7658ace0c3 Added Fleio to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I5575ce9dabc15ff30c7a26cec2c188c603d3c27b
7 years ago
Sofia Enriquez c53d4566af Added enriquetaso to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Id095c37387031d321a75c1521fa18d9c0fe2a0c1
7 years ago
Kenny Johnston 762a150d5e Added OSIC to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ic84888071963ba82b780d3a11af0a8541f8dc60d
7 years ago
David Moreau-Simard 8df436f8bb Remove spam author from openstack planet
Change-Id: Id7ceeb744e21f5d69886ff430e9dd69c6ddd9b58
7 years ago
Jens Rosenboom 144e543901 Add cloudbau to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I692c24b2aef8fa3e34669bddb03e76b0971f5e8d
7 years ago
Jürgen Brüder 3d7ef1e28c Added Infralovers to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I30b459da469a7651c7407203b3941bee62a49297
7 years ago
Augustina Ragwitz 856d3a5f10 Add Nova Developer Rollup Blog
Change-Id: I4e4c3b24e4d0d5b2e6f7991b5c2c2193ccd9e67d
7 years ago
Simon Leinen b4ebb097b9 Add SWITCH Cloud Blog (openstack category)
Change-Id: I9ed9e0932e38c9c6ead9d126a710115776157eaf
7 years ago