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Javier Pena e8df7e2467 Added jpena to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ia6ce62aa128da8e4846c03b1dd85957c5ae20130
7 years ago
Rich Bowen 93f31765b7 Chandan Kumar
Change-Id: Ieb491f1c302004f7760846fa0fd0cff268e369f5
7 years ago
Jenkins dd9ecf183c Merge "Updated URL for krotscheck" 7 years ago
spopovic 9ef81c065a Update Solinea in Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I5b39920002c04a22cf2f40c2bda69999e80d3ca3
7 years ago
Marcela Bonell 333bc3700a Added mbonell to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I9db8ff0ab8d9d1a576a289ed3af49ff92b61d108
7 years ago
Christian Berendt 3bade8d6df Replace private blog 'berendt' with new business blog 'betacloud'
Change-Id: Id2fc3f9c4ba87dc713509b54f46a4b1c5afc215c
7 years ago
Michael Krotscheck 38799eadcc Updated URL for krotscheck
The original still redirects, but the new one has a shinier short
url and letsencrypt SSL certs :)

Change-Id: Ib9199f0d3fa41071b4d54743e212644dfb542e6a
7 years ago
Graham Hayes 305623224f Added mugsie to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Iee7688c53dd972bab990d7e18cb742cd28dd8f19
7 years ago
Michele Baldessari 19be70b252 Added bandini to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I6d8ea909251801baacb379982a8916dfb639a0c1
7 years ago
Thomas Bechtold 50c79c65dd Added toabctl to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I82e37aff61c67231766440755349fee98a82846f
7 years ago
Florian Haas 610d6664a4 Consolidate hastexo feeds
Consolidate and update feeds from www.hastexo.com, following a recent
makeover to our website.

- Drop feeds from individual hastexo people
- Update company feed with new OpenStack-tagged Atom feed URL
- Use HTTPS to avoid a needless redirect (our site now enforces HTTPS)

Change-Id: I4cdffd113578bdd5d9faff7f8817d2656c58f472
7 years ago
Matt Dorn 8ac1f2541f Added madorn to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Iadab53d643b6d646b70c03e290c13cdbb3acfaed
7 years ago
Elizabeth Elwell 931144899f Added betherly to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I13b34d121e993587b68ee50c53776f2efa0e53fe
7 years ago
Robert Clark a3f108e296 Adding the security project blog
Change-Id: Ie8884f8bf0073f79f451db3e480eb5386e036d5e
7 years ago
James E. Blair 156b7996ec Ignore future dates
If an entry arrives with a date in the future, disregard the date
and use the internal fetch date instead.

Note, the ignore_entry option is not safe to use without this patch:

Change-Id: If2c6ea31c8d60211e93615c6104d193e1970e271
8 years ago
Arie Bregman 6da30b3570 Added abregman to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ib6f243acc3723a8fd0780db60394d40af28e1e8c
8 years ago
Michael Krotscheck 8d6f4d7de6 Added krotscheck to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I5d42d0c73cd342eb3cdb6e162901f49919802897
8 years ago
Antony Messerli 7a6c190e16 Added antonym to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ie5ddeb2f720c5013121f841ad0af6b61c8b9da17
8 years ago
Chris Dent a34774151b Added cdent to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I4ebefd6a41496df1aa7faf89fce3f3f338e2f15b
8 years ago
Major Hayden 2a845fefcf Added mhayden to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I7ad72abc33753ae80c90bcb03d2694e57ed168a1
8 years ago
Jenkins da7a02947b Merge "Added jj to Planet OpenStack" 8 years ago
JJ Asghar 1647f894bc Added jj to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Idd9d837f9766863b5d526c932fc43d535b007dea
8 years ago
Mark T. Voelker 000a57473e More cleanup of inactive blogs (and images)
In [1] we removed a few blogs that were no longer active and in some
cases generating spam.  This patch removes one more for another
former Citrix employee and also removes the images corresponding
to the people removed in the last patch.

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/247520/

Change-Id: Id04aafb25ec7c9169949d65d49424b959dc0acc4
8 years ago
Monty Taylor ba26982c7c Remove some old no-longer-relevant entries
John doesn't work at Citrix anymore, and the old link is now spamming
the planet. Eric doesn't work at cloudscaling anymore. And bcwaldon.cc
isn't even a website.

Change-Id: I4831b6c4d9ee446049ef41b7abec0585d07b6f7d
8 years ago
rossella 6b2f5d3f01 Update url of Rossella Sblendido's blog
Change-Id: Iaa95f6abaa331af185b92c95c794b8682d8c74a5
8 years ago
Jesse Pretorius b66313e02f Add odyssey4me to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I14446c7cb6e57a8d2c03320b8b40165c835a3e1c
8 years ago
Michael Davies a2ea318060 Added mrda to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ifbe1ea1df7ea86c7d60ce2689b130488198867b7
8 years ago
Harshit e580f12743 Added AppFormix to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I96fc0021134ca74b623fc16bf4ad3fa0d24eaa9f
8 years ago
Hugh Blemings 2aa6093e42 Added hughhalf to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I461ebb9ff22cf8e7d1be1de39a92f4e29dce407b
8 years ago
Carl Baldwin fa88215b48 Added carl_baldwin to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ib01f72061ae07cf8676498f0960b4f2bc75066f3
8 years ago
Jay Clark 2c1fecabdd Added jasondotstar to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I2a5d99b1b4f8362beca2f5ddb0ade7b5aba1e7ec
8 years ago
Hrishikesh Barua d1fca8f0ed Added imaginea to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I8137b024952a1071f78cba31117fbea62e7e3bf0
8 years ago
Rich Bowen 2ebc94b961 Update location of RDO blog feed.
Change-Id: I1b5dedbf4276943725cdf5e7cf4abf1ce88726ae
8 years ago
rossella 53a8908b38 Add Rossella Sblendido blog to Planet Openstack
Change-Id: Ieda2833f50925f004196e9f2c96fdf13097ab1d1
8 years ago
Hrishikesh Barua ee352a5d55 Added imagineatechnologies to Planet OpenStack - corrected the URL
Change-Id: I5b37efc0190fd5c722833e011b90d22a52e5ef14
8 years ago
Swapnil Kulkarni 4615559c1c Update openstack india online feed
Change-Id: Ia45880611768adbc57fe3db75aef2a0a5df32241
8 years ago
Swapnil Kulkarni b6b1102ebe Add OpenStack India Online Blog
Change-Id: Ie26cffcc939bb30d814ac101c0155e4df7f3efd5
8 years ago
Swapnil Kulkarni 230f5293f5 Update image for coolsvap
Change-Id: I15d840636aa4447855f1542414ba7e49f9746ca7
8 years ago
Frederic Lepied 870dc883c2 Rename eNovance Engineering Teams to RDO Blogs
Change-Id: I9e7c5709e361802fc72c680e675c85b1851319ac
8 years ago
Mark T. Voelker 21e7987af3 Added Mark T. Voelker to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ie9b6c28d7dab65a89aaf1d368aca7ccde95e8480
8 years ago
Darryl Weaver 5b35e29973 Added dweaver to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I7d5fc3ba6298a6f86226008ffc3b91ed0353c974
8 years ago
Augustina Ragwitz c5cab250c2 Added mmmpork to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I1c42663113f240a635faa2b535fa6d77df02ad66
8 years ago
Christian Berendt d61aeb155e Change from HTTPS to HTTP for blog.berendt.io
Change-Id: I307a1173c390444c25bf3f8ce33f1249ca1ae861
8 years ago
Gal Sagie 1655493be9 Added Gal Sagie to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ia543dd1368ab0da27fb0daeb75dc6b1261b6898a
8 years ago
Rich Bowen d02a6ad31c Correct URL for RDO site.
Change-Id: I15a365c6dcf6febfb1aa33aa8be52d6a73594f9a
8 years ago
GeetikaBatra 125d24baff Added GB21 to planet
Change-Id: I76c1ac4fe6a483442b099fdd3fde1a0c50e4b441
8 years ago
Thanassis Parathyras 6f0fc07e45 Added StackMasters blog to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I7944966cfb4e84808ba275bff0cd52fcc064d775
8 years ago
Antti Lassila e7656c1f7f Added galeracluster to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I8434ccebf1ff4b1db0ba8de75e78b3eaceb89c0c
8 years ago
Marten Hauville fb102eb858 Added MartenHauville to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Id8272cefcfedb4beec896d46276f8b3216d0173a
8 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 0416562b60 Added geguileo to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I347e21bf03d9401b8caded42df03ee4f50d01e42
8 years ago