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Ed Leafe 56827d4138 Added Cloud Platform at Symantec to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I1f391e3bf6505a0f7ecdd76065011111b58ef1b0
9 years ago
Ed Leafe 8e61c39446 Added edleafe to Planet OpenStack.
Change-Id: I4eb747ee7d3337a0d10799282757a8cfd1255b45
9 years ago
Thierry Carrez 75bf5c9c8f Update URL for ttx blog
Update my blog feed to its new location at ttx.re.

Change-Id: I37b26387aaa4818dcd9708e7f23f8ee160f491c8
9 years ago
Dan Radez 78e2342683 added radez to planet openstack
Change-Id: Ice18558b27ebe7a1d8d56f1c554f712f9b3e5d9f
9 years ago
Sean Dague 305d20cb5b update sean dague headshot
Change-Id: Ide61d2cdc0ff3acc6fc50a18573069aab198c32a
9 years ago
Jenkins f90ecfbac4 Merge "Improve visual separation of entries." 9 years ago
Neill Cox e01aa83cea Improve visual separation of entries.
Add some extra padding and a red (#BC1518) border to the bottom of each
entry to provide better visual separation.

Change-Id: I44d0aaefe07e9f4caaeab09f793370ffc3cc654c
9 years ago
Matthias Runge 36e3d380e1 changed feed url for Matthias Runge
Change-Id: I806640d73646911c4c31fbc14e7469184d258610
9 years ago
Chris Yeoh f1339b37c6 Adding Chris Yeoh to planet openstack
Change-Id: I399339daead59419e28e0ec30fba807f32c7a9a7
9 years ago
Stefano Maffulli 24120adbfa adding hackstack, Dean Troyer's blog
Change-Id: I19fefa4c8ae77252942519546c3b3278d64e08a5
9 years ago
Andy Hill 51b63c0167 Add Virtual Andy to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ieebb2f003f17a0a53c3448cb0daac52b1c4ec13a
9 years ago
Angus Salkeld 96327cc55e Add asalkeld to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I99c1956ab10f810d6210b5d4c66922136a68781e
9 years ago
Miguel Angel Ajo 233ca8be4d Fix mangelajo image extension to .png
It was wrong in my previous commit.

Change-Id: I832a059d73c911fbc7b95b92274c54dd5bc0fdb8
9 years ago
Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo 22cfbad415 Added mangelajo to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Id0b12867905683a7433fd2797b3f0b97ea07a62f
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish b77b38731e Added mtreinish to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ic6231289b3a944fe91b51df53c7618aeb06e9380
9 years ago
Jenkins a8e405ea57 Merge "Add Openstack blog dmsimard.com to Planet" 9 years ago
David Moreau Simard e6a6f14d27 Add Openstack blog dmsimard.com to Planet
Change-Id: Idb7f5db11172dbc25608e2c92f8337af4aab3849
9 years ago
Stefano Maffulli e78c18ef55 Updated Cloudify Feed, based on Sharone's request
Change-Id: If840a2392711bc18dda8285b984219688927d289
9 years ago
Christian Berendt 1f04f4dbdd Make pre blocks horizontally-scrollable
Add the moment entries with code example/outputs inside pre blocks
can overlap the list of subscriptions on the right side. With
this patch overlapping entries will be displayed inside a
horizontally-scrollable box.

Change-Id: I7f2e42527d5bfc97eadcc30644a10f2d0ff35fee
9 years ago
Sean Dague e5caf59ced add img max width
To prevent images from blasting out of the column provide a
max width css setting to the main column in the planet.

Change-Id: Ie00d92f940dcf6c0c23ac7fadb967a11983a82c7
9 years ago
Mika Ayenson 63d48cac52 Added mikaayenson to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I3e313f6a40e1c86bd8e7943dc46e25385d332f95
9 years ago
Bob Callaway b8e6b0c52a Added NetApp blog to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I3167d498780c7ce07821dd67433aef9cbd58ffb8
9 years ago
Michael J Fork ff7d196a9f Added ibmopenstack to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I2c6923a48ae5c7101a7213aa1ae59214b1c79ea6
9 years ago
Arx Cruz 84b57512bf Added arxcruz to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I278cc9efb96fad5fba41aed060ac90eef8775271
9 years ago
Walter Heck 04e22ac8a8 Added OlinData to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ibdfcf150af43e3a990b45ee40d19cb0c22536d7c
9 years ago
Matt Griffin 9a04b8e46a Updates Percona logo on Planet OpenStack.
Change-Id: Idc907775ca2e6250d81128d40546af676a5fed8e
9 years ago
Dafna Ron d5738bfaec Add dron to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I84cf157b157f0e00033f67413ab6ed91d81e2458
9 years ago
Jaume Devesa 8fa953a3dc Added midokura to Planet Openstack
Change-Id: I097e568e1e05cbea96cd9d55e650a207f832521b
9 years ago
Julie Pichon af52d2cd75 Add amalagon to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Icbfc211ce8a12514f56e10b52a1dcae5296b1bac
9 years ago
Melissa Wong 2974fedaf4 Added Piston to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I48add004d85aa0da11fdac18207f1047743a216d
9 years ago
Jenkins 5e24d217ab Merge "Added otherwiseguy to Planet OpenStack" 9 years ago
Terry Wilson 54363271fc Added otherwiseguy to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ie9b1e67a6ecef349b7a0c1074edcc566e7139174
9 years ago
Jason Baker 9b1908f63b Updated Opensource.com image to reflect new branding
Change-Id: I7014680562047557e22eeebff59f14683f4ebe51
9 years ago
Manishanker Talusani 0484a16ce8 Added Manishanker to Planet Openstack
Change-Id: I34d01081a33d46b52285701bfe2534ad963e7391
9 years ago
Jenkins b6e0f8c13b Merge "changed cberendt.de to cberendt.net" 9 years ago
Christian Berendt 96dc3d7aa1 fixed broken URLs
Not removed the following unreachable URLs.

* http://omgmike.com/rss?tag=openstack
* http://www.jordanrinke.com/category/work/openstack/feed/

Change-Id: I419a2c0bf920f7637f9974755cf9740a71e16681
9 years ago
Christian Berendt ac349f7ce0 changed cberendt.de to cberendt.net
My blog moved from cberendt.de to cberendt.net.

Change-Id: Ib19b87342d7a072869d4f8ca007c77a4d9e9388e
9 years ago
marcelodieder 3ab31b0dad Added openstack-br to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I80d82ce97f82843e8249106c624b09c74ed011a9
9 years ago
Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph f65832ace7 Update Elizabeth K. Joseph name
Change-Id: I0dfe860844999f4bd943e6afb0e8c91318fcc843
9 years ago
Cindy Pallares 5c160c2b60 Updated cpallares in Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I2eabd35b8ae47c98cc30d095d3c7236c11c577e0
9 years ago
John Griffith 06d64a7dde Added jgriffith to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I4bbda0bb68d7761bc37bd4bf1aac6621f4520b3b
9 years ago
John Griffith 168d66eeed Added jgriffith to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: Ic19f4ebeab4d53a35df14a7b7db885d73fb51bd8
9 years ago
Florian Haas 978c1cc0d7 Add feed for OpenStack-related hastexo announcements
This feed points to posts on hastexo web site that are tagged both
"openstack" and "announcement", and thus exposes only official
announcements related to OpenStack. Blog posts, tagged only with
"openstack", will continue to be included in individual bloggers' feeds.

Change-Id: I3046b39eb219d3c21bac93c78965ee50e13e6154
9 years ago
Andy Edmonds e2a09bb113 Updated the ICCLab blog URL
Change-Id: I80627a158d2e74a6ead2314f7df4b8b920a12d04
9 years ago
Jenkins 14631e64f1 Merge "Added Internap blog" 9 years ago
Cameron Seader 8d0af3e278 Updated blog link for cseader
Change-Id: I78d68c10cedb852007ba8f8acbcd457cda094da8
9 years ago
Stefano Maffulli 7cd4331e5a Added Internap blog
Change-Id: Ifcf614e2fa3437e0081890a891596d1148ef0d25
9 years ago
Matt Farina 8d49b25eff Added mattfarina to Planet OpenStack.
Change-Id: Ieaa770b008c365dd135d2891b5ac9ecc471f6e8c
9 years ago
Cameron Seader b84e96a090 Added cseader to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I2d1fb2c1df96cbc8040833fe100c52e241f06766
9 years ago
Florent Flament b55d17b810 Added Cloudwatt to Planet OpenStack
Change-Id: I2ec4ae5fb624a5b64d5879e0e3d53c8eb8057a27
9 years ago