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Christoph Thiel a90d328bb7 fix text-align on H1 9 years ago
Daniel P. Berrange 3d9ec15ae7 Fix link to Fedora Planet site 10 years ago
Stefano Maffulli 6e727f1aa5 forgot something 10 years ago
Stefano Maffulli f9f4e0eb14 removed color from h2 in css and fixed h1 on home page 10 years ago
Stefano Maffulli 777be7df64 modified template file to look more like openstack.org 10 years ago
Stefano Maffulli 7cf9fe2720 added the . to the domain name in google analytics code in order to track subdomain 10 years ago
Stefano Maffulli 1bcd086148 Added Google Analytics 10 years ago
Hengqing Hu 177255bc54 Remove trailing whitespaces in regular file 10 years ago
Andrew Hutchings 2863d853b6 Update for puppet installation 10 years ago
Monty Taylor e091c0f9ad Added a p tag. 12 years ago
Monty Taylor 14f610979d Added explanation of adding your blog in the sidebar. 12 years ago
hudson 9c9741fd28 Added support for images. Include all of the theme files in the bzr branch. 12 years ago