Update docs for multiple groups with same name

This patch updates the allowed list documentation
with behaviour of multiple groups with the same
name but different tests and releases.

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Soniya Vyas 2022-08-09 12:11:54 +05:30 committed by Soniya Murlidhar Vyas
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commit 3b487fe937
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@ -38,6 +38,28 @@ Release filter
The release filter, which is default to master, filter based on group or job
for an specific release.
Multiple Groups with same name
Multiple groups can have same name with different tests and releases. This
behaviour allows us to classify the tests on the basis of releases. Here, we
cannot define a release more than once in such groups i.e groups having same
name should mandatorily have different releases::
- name: featureset062 # standalone-jobs
- 'octavia_tempest_plugin.tests.scenario.v2.test_healthmonitor'
- 'octavia_tempest_plugin.tests.scenario.v2.test_listener'
- master
- wallaby
- name: featureset062 # standalone-jobs
- 'octavia_tempest_plugin.tests.scenario.v2.test_healthmonitor'
- 'octavia_tempest_plugin.tests.scenario.v2.test_l7policy'
- train
Wildcard filter for releases