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Steve Baker ce863ae11c Make ipxe-boot image EFI capable
This refreshes the ipxe build makefile to build an image
that works in both legacy BIOS and UEFI environments.

This makes the following changes:
- Moves the ipxe submodule commit to current master
- Creates an EFI partition efi.img containing ipxe.efi
  as the default binary
- Builds ipxe-boot.img as an MBR/GPT hybrid ISO which boots
  and runs iPXE in both legacy BIOS and UEFI environments
- Stop creating ipxe-boot.qcow2 since the conversion from
  ipxe-boot.img has an incorrect EFI partition, and there is
  no real benefit over the raw image anyway
- Refresh the documentation for how to upload the images to
  an OpenStack cloud, remove the redundancy from ipxe/README

Change-Id: I720ed5aaa0d55ded73e01aaba9db66602adc26cd
1 year ago
source Make ipxe-boot image EFI capable 1 year ago
requirements.txt Add doc/requirements 2 years ago