Address breakage due to ansible-lint 6.5

Pin ansible-lint<6.5 for now due to the regression which
ignores our skip tags.

Also add the zuul.d directory to the list of directories to avoid
linting, since those YAML files aren't Ansible files and it doesn't
seem to know not to try parsing them anyway.

While we're here, "fix" a task name not starting with an upper-case
letter, which for some reason ansible-lint now seems to think is
important. If we decide to continue using ansible-lint, it's
probably going to persist in complaining about that.

Change-Id: I46826210dfa4442af5c36d1439d1a1047ca0ba90
Jeremy Stanley 2022-09-07 19:19:38 +00:00
parent 16edc5fa48
commit 6ced4627bd
3 changed files with 4 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
- playbooks/legacy
- zuul.d
parseable: true
# [204] Lines < 160
# [301] Commands should not change things if nothing needs doing

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@ -73,7 +73,7 @@
become: true
# This is a preview module in Ansible 2.3. It may not work.
- name: import cert to java keystore
- name: Import cert to java keystore
cert_url: "{{ zanata_api_credentials.fqdn }}"
keystore_path: /etc/ssl/certs/java/cacerts

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@ -6,5 +6,6 @@ hacking>=4.0.0,<5.0.0 # Apache-2.0
# ansible-lint requires ansible>=2.9
# pin until is fixed