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Martin Kopec e64bbb2907 Add stable/yoga to periodic-stable templates
Add the stable/yoga branch to the list of branches for the
periodic stable job templates.

Change-Id: I2065c41e4e1baeee5b548cea86e99f2315fa065c
2022-03-25 14:45:35 +01:00
Stephen Finucane c53b1d7382 trivial: Re-order jobs
Place the arm64 job templates alongside the other release-specific

Change-Id: Id1a894f8c7ab9b031c15e89d96b90d642f61d6d6
Signed-off-by: Stephen Finucane <>
2022-03-11 12:01:58 +00:00
Stephen Finucane 50e113ee47 Add unversioned openstack-python3-jobs
We switched to using release-specific python3 job templates (e.g.
openstack-python3-ussuri-jobs) after the Train release. This is
generally a good thing, but it has caused slight issues for projects
using the independent release model. These projects don't get a new
stable branch each release, nor do they receive bot-proposed 'zuul.yaml'
changes. This means there are a growing number of projects still using
the checks from older releases [1][2][3][4][5]. This will likely only
continue to grow without intervention.

While these projects are independent, the HEAD of master must be
compatible with the Python 3 versions supported in the current release.
As such, master should always be running again openstack-python3-X-jobs,
where X is the current release. Reworking the bot to do these proposals
for every independent project seems silly and unnecessary, so instead
add a new openstack-python3-jobs template which will always duplicate
the openstack-python3-X-jobs template. Only projects using the
independent release model should use this and this is called out in the
help text for the template.

Note that only openstack-python3-jobs is added currently. We may wish to
add the full complement of jobs, such as openstack-python3-jobs-horizon.
This can be done in a follow-up.


Change-Id: I7acf7485f2a531035b37064ed760f7f29689e8e0
Signed-off-by: Stephen Finucane <>
2022-03-11 12:01:18 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau e6719acc0c Add non-voting Python 3.10 jobs to Zed template
Use Fedora 35 nodeset until ubuntu-focal gets python3.10 package or
until we have ubuntu 22.04

Tests on arm64 arch are not supported at the moment.

Change-Id: I685563200ec342363848b713854c34a86dfb5fd0
2022-03-04 13:54:17 -06:00
Ghanshyam Mann 5caeeac532 Add Python3 project templates for Zed release
TC has defined the python testing runtime[1] and this
commit defines the job template to be used for testing the
defined testing runtime for Zed release[1].

This also defines openstack-python3-zed-jobs-arm64 template
which is needed to continue the arms64 testing as n-v
for many projects like Nova, Cinder, Heat etc.


Change-Id: I84e5b758b087eac0fe59b4683cbc1ab86535b77b
2022-03-03 10:59:17 -06:00
Zuul 4d27ef806f Merge "Remove ocata branch from periodic-stable template" 2022-01-19 15:57:04 +00:00
Ghanshyam Mann 7875073026 Update Yoga testing runtime with new updates
We are keeping the py36 in yoga testing runtime (depends on)
so adding it in job templates.

Change-Id: I97e6726f992e83e1a1373ac1266ab4e3dac291fb
2021-12-03 02:24:42 +00:00
Ghanshyam Mann ea93f1b381 Update Yoga job template for updated testing runtime
TC has updated the Yoga testing runtime by making
the python3.8 and python3.9 as python version to tests


Updating the job template to reflect the change.

Change-Id: Ia0bd0c09dd0c76e7940f497f42075691b3ac758d
2021-11-19 19:57:33 +00:00
Elod Illes 46f7d7c32b Remove ocata branch from periodic-stable template
All the project that had periodic-stable-jobs template set in their
stable/ocata branch have transitioned to End of Life, and their
branches were deleted around end of August [1]. So this patch removes
stable/ocata from the template as it is not needed anymore.


Change-Id: I49ebc52f1f8fa553c9b22ac59594a9babb319df8
2021-10-20 16:53:09 +02:00
Aurelien Lourot 45aa8134b9 Add OpenStack Charm gate jobs without Python 3.5
Change-Id: I113e034f398b9fa91d7325cb65771aa0ad0cbd27
2021-10-18 16:30:17 +02:00
Ghanshyam Mann 442951387e Add stable/xena to periodic-stable templates
Add the stable/xena branch to the list of branch for the
periodic stable job templates.

Change-Id: Ie29bc30e7aca6bd06bea6e567dae810d38cfe078
2021-09-24 18:17:47 -05:00
Ghanshyam Mann 834f6e30b8 Add Python3 project templates for Yoga release
As per TC resolution on updating the python version for testing,
this commit defines the job template to be used for testing the
defined testing runtime for Yoga release[1].

This also defines openstack-python3-yoga-jobs-arm64 template
which is needed to continue the arms64 testing as n-v
for many projects like Nova, Cinder, Heat etc.


Change-Id: Ibf0413f556424f2398bb49fd61ecc5f46b7f0b37
2021-08-03 11:29:44 -05:00
Riccardo Pittau d666010ef8 Add template for lower-constraints on master branch only
Change-Id: Idf249934bf7ab39bac0b87d350513837db26a18f
2021-07-26 18:20:23 +02:00
Ghanshyam Mann bee50a2b64 Define publish-to-pypi-stable-only template
Deprecated deliverables only do the release on
stable branches only not on master. But existing
publish-to-pypi template does not have the branch
matcher to exclude the master gate from running the
release jobs.

This commit defines a new template for such deprecated
repo publish-to-pypi-stable-only which exclude the master
branch to run the release jobs.

This new template will be used in all the deprected repo so
that if needed we can update the master conent which is README.rst
for example:

Change-Id: Icc98e4f231413365af6a4f2270282565335e343c
2021-07-12 20:15:11 +00:00
Elod Illes c110634dbe Remove ocata from periodic job template of neutron and ceilometer
Neutron [1] and Ceilometer [2] projects stable/ocata moved to End of
Life. This patch removes stable/ocata from their periodic-stable-jobs-*
job template, as they are not needed and cannot run anymore.

[1] Ib0aa4d8cfa0856ca42adee2b755ba1610f10bdb8
[2] I30f8dd2cbf0a6d81098dee44c32cdf76a2475901

Change-Id: If130526b906bccb9a0f807bbbc8281041dfd04bc
2021-06-21 09:46:40 +02:00
Jeremy Stanley 0d4a2f25de ubuntu-bionic for openstack-python37-jobs-no-constraints
The other python-version-specific job templates specify nodeset
overrides if the jobs they include don't (for example those directly
including jobs from the zuul-jobs standard library). Fix this in
tox-py37-no-constraints so that it works again after this week's
OpenDev default nodeset change.

Change-Id: I069e76814130c10c6f691626b319ebb9f0fbf472
2021-05-20 14:25:07 +00:00
manchandavishal 89e7881e3e Adding project-template for nodejs14
Change-Id: Ia03bd97e4fba535bcff0003c0c3b32ef6658bcac
2021-05-04 12:11:33 +05:30
Andreas Jaeger 471920a837 Start translations for Wallaby
Run the translation jobs on wallaby branches, stop
work on ussuri.

Change-Id: I8d41c9d8099acb53cc8f7b11413c7090742fb9fc
2021-04-14 12:25:41 +02:00
Ghanshyam Mann c5112bc8a1 Add stable/wallaby to periodic-stable templates
Add the stable/wallaby branch to the list of branch for the
periodic stable job templates.

Change-Id: I381b4fa2a36f9fba48d97f1db9f54af28308c9b1
2021-04-06 10:53:09 -05:00
Ghanshyam Mann 01746b6df0 Add openstack-python3-xena-jobs-arm64 template
openstack-python3-xena-jobs-arm64 template needs
to be defined to continue the arms64 testing as n-v
for many projects like Nova, Cinder, Heat etc.

Change-Id: Ibbeeef7ec67b6c83b7b92f304ce544e6b2801e9b
2021-03-26 14:33:09 +00:00
Jeremy Stanley d4cfee80ec Add a nodejs10-publish-to-npm project template
Like the nodejs{4,6,8}-publish-to-npm templates, 10 seems to be the
first version which can run on ubuntu-focal nodes so add it as an

Change-Id: Ic3f806e701b334985632d0969863cd902a653a1d
2021-03-19 16:52:09 +00:00
Zuul c7bb9f74d8 Merge "Add Python3 project templates for Xena release" 2021-02-22 13:50:28 +00:00
Masayuki Igawa 0fd0bb96c7 Fix inline comment for python stable jobs for stable/ussuri onwards
Change-Id: Id8219e2a69bafe2a1edd800da49f1bebb4ade5fd
2021-02-10 15:50:29 +00:00
Zuul 9f64b09a4b Merge "Create nodejs10-doc project templates" 2021-02-10 04:54:37 +00:00
Ghanshyam Mann a153fea662 Add Python3 project templates for Xena release
As per TC resolution[1] on updating the python version for testing,
this commit defines the job template to be used for testing the
defined testing runtime for Xena release (Depends-On).



Change-Id: Ifd36d3cca4957077770b6cff424d3a5af98981dd
2021-01-14 14:42:51 -06:00
Radosław Piliszek 8c3face309 Add extra Victoria stable periodic jobs
Change-Id: Ic14325ee24c562736763f4d71380e27098813942
2020-12-11 08:15:39 +00:00
Radosław Piliszek d91fa23a32 Add periodic stable jobs for Victoria
Change-Id: I4e817dbaf4dd049a95964f7f4c4f18d32f50c711
2020-12-10 21:04:40 +01:00
Corey Bryant 9cbafee628 Add non-voting py39 jobs to Wallaby templates
Python 3.9 is available on Ubuntu Focal. This enables non-voting
tox py39 jobs for the Wallaby templates.

Change-Id: I142a78a5c06e2ababfca147620ceb4b3a12d5646
2020-11-02 15:35:29 +00:00
Lukas Piwowarski dd440c6ca4 Create nodejs10-doc project templates
The nodejs-npm-run-docs job is deprecated [1].

This patch introduces a new nodejs10-doc project template
that uses the replacement for nodejs-npm-run-docs
- nodejs-run-docs.


Change-Id: I738b833109e4caeb58bb391d79d6e63284462bd8
2020-10-15 09:46:22 +02:00
Zuul 8279f640ba Merge "Add openstack-python3-wallaby-jobs-arm64" 2020-10-08 17:19:35 +00:00
ricolin 4ad039d211 Add openstack-python3-wallaby-jobs-arm64
Task: #41000

Change-Id: Icaee1dbb9939f93e27e8b1dfdc1f2afab45eedc1
2020-10-01 14:23:04 +08:00
Andreas Jaeger 243d53cdee Switch translation templates to Victoria
Victoria branches are created, start translating and syncing them.

Change-Id: I321fb2f52dfd668172d8abb440f995f5b238ddb9
2020-09-29 14:56:15 +02:00
Zuul e9675302cb Merge "Pin nodejs6 & nodejs8 jobs on ubuntu-bionic" 2020-09-09 19:00:12 +00:00
Zuul 8d8a3e2d8b Merge "Pin ubuntu bionic for tox-py27 and tox-py36 in no-constraints template" 2020-09-09 19:00:11 +00:00
Ghanshyam Mann 1b7a407e14 Pin nodejs6 & nodejs8 jobs on ubuntu-bionic
As per victoria cycle testing runtime and community goal[1]
we need to migrate upstream CI/CD to Ubuntu Focal(20.04).

There is no nodejs6 and nodejs8 on focal. We need to pin bionic
nodeset for both of these. And run nodejs10 on focal.

Change-Id: I544489f1dab58fe6c6855ee776facf4e8a890428
2020-09-09 15:57:40 +00:00
Ghanshyam Mann 60f23770d9 Pin ubuntu bionic for tox-py27 and tox-py36 in no-constraints template
As per victoria cycle testing runtime and community goal[1]
we need to migrate upstream CI/CD to Ubuntu Focal(20.04).

Ubuntu Focal does not have py2.7 and py3.6 so we need to
pin the bionic nodeset for tox-py27 and tox-py36 jobs in
no-constraints template.


Change-Id: I4ec505dc4c89f7b03592852ceae0e596bb45937b
2020-09-09 15:57:31 +00:00
Zuul 8376a69369 Merge "Add Python3 project templates for Wallaby release" 2020-08-26 15:33:09 +00:00
Sean McGinnis baeb0d19b9
Add Python3 project templates for Wallaby release
Following the process set down in the TC resolution on updating Python

this change adds the Zuul template for Python 3 unit test jobs in the
Wallaby release. The selected python versions are defined in:

Change-Id: I4ac936a9cfbd4e0f5fbf896a99eb69cfc6524267
Signed-off-by: Sean McGinnis <>
2020-08-12 10:07:55 -05:00
ricolin a2b01699a1 Add job for openstack-python3-victoria-jobs-arm64
This run openstack-python3-victoria-jobs template with arm64

This template currently runs only a non-voting job

Change-Id: If2259fdad175456432a46b9d859ddbd484d81f18
Task: #40398
2020-08-04 19:53:09 +08:00
Zuul 18175c771e Merge "Add template for charm check and gate" 2020-07-14 15:40:58 +00:00
Zuul 208242904c Merge "Enable grenade again for Stein, Rocky and Queens" 2020-07-14 15:21:29 +00:00
James Page 231aa306d1 Add template for charm check and gate
Add new template to cover the required range of py3 versions
that the OpenStack Charms need to be validated against.

This is mainly driven by the Ubuntu versions the charms have
to support which includes back to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Python 3.5)
and to the current 20.04 LTS (Python 3.8).

Master branch of all charms will be switched to use this
template in time for the next charm release in August 2020.

Stable branches will not be updated however old templates
have been marked as DEPRECATED FOR REMOVAL.

Change-Id: Ib9ed240aef6680be7c972088ca5337b5740b9c36
2020-07-13 16:49:24 +01:00
Elod Illes 1ef655f80c Enable grenade again for Stein, Rocky and Queens
Devstack and Tempest jobs were recently fixed for Rocky, Queens and
Pike, now we can restore the grenade testing of Stein, Rocky and
Queens respectively.

Change-Id: Ic7147170da6fb7f9f86022658a767e058b022ffb
2020-07-09 16:35:56 +02:00
Zuul 1aadba10cf Merge "Add py38 job templates and make py3 templates consistent" 2020-06-25 17:44:10 +00:00
Andreas Jaeger 76297923ab Add py38 job templates and make py3 templates consistent
OpenStack now uses python templates per release, like

Some projects need more fine granular control over which jobs to test,
so use:
- openstack-python38-jobs which just adds py38; this follows the pattern
  with earlier versions
- openstack-python38-jobs-no-constraints: Same jobs but without
- openstack-python36-jobs-no-constraints: Same jobs for py36
- openstack-pep-publish-jobs to run pep8 and publishing of tarballs

Update templates openstack-python35-jobs-no-constraints and
openstack-python37-jobs-no-constraints to follow the scheme above.

If this gets approved, I'll review users of
openstack-python35-jobs-no-constraints and
openstack-python37-jobs-no-constraints and add
openstack-pep-publish-jobs-no-constraints to their Zuul configuration
wherever needed.

See also

Change-Id: If5ce06f620f5cd2161b752e1cc402a4e39d36e90
2020-06-25 08:40:02 +02:00
Ghanshyam Mann 6565c634c3 Remove greande jobs for EM and oldest stable
As discussed in ML thread[1], we are going to
make grenade jobs as non voting for all EM stable and
oldest stable. grenade jobs are failing not and it might take
time to fix those if we are able to fix. Once it jobs are
working depends on project team, they can bring them back to
voting or keep non-voting.

With n-v jobs on projects side we need to udpate the integrated
gate template to remove the job from gate pipeline.


Change-Id: I0a924cb298bd74034a9b33d31d2fd506391ac16d
2020-06-24 16:07:42 +00:00
Zuul 18b046c7b3 Merge "Revert "Work around uwsgi breakage"" 2020-06-17 15:08:26 +00:00
Ghanshyam Mann 8430f9a9eb Revert "Work around uwsgi breakage"
This reverts commit a801a85066.

Change-Id: I03105dba1b9eb2c813a159df6cf8d2565c15da26
2020-06-17 14:12:20 +00:00
Monty Taylor 9b5cc28e4a Only run build-openstack-sphinx-docs on stable branches
We should not be using this on master. Also update it to pin to
python2 to get ready for zuul-jobs changing the default for
sphinx to python3.

Update descriptions to make clear that rocky was the last release
this is supported.

Change-Id: Ib896713623f58a8164d1a2e5f49dc5d316e292b9
2020-06-16 17:30:51 +02:00
Ghanshyam Mann a801a85066 Work around uwsgi breakage
uwsgi broke installation from source with their latest release [0].
Since we want to move away from source installation anyway, make
grenade based jobs non-voting for the moment so that we can backport
[1] properly.


Change-Id: I3891e4eda3c459acefa0d3c028cda649b984ff0c
Related-Bug: 1883468
2020-06-15 14:58:32 +00:00