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openafs-deb-package-build: sign created debs
9 months ago
ansible-role-functional Fix ansible-role-functional jobs 5 years ago
docs Bye, bye readthedocs-failing 3 years ago
fips Add FIPS job 2 years ago
golang Convert golang tests to Zuul v3 native jobs 5 years ago
javascript Use ensure-* roles 3 years ago
legacy Remove neutron and networking-midonet Ocata jobs definitions 1 year ago
openafs-deb-package-build openafs-deb-package-build: sign created debs 9 months ago
openafs-rpm-package-build openafs: don't create non -stream directory for arm64 9 months ago
puppet-branch-tarball Move publish-openstack-puppet-branch-tarball into ozj 5 years ago
puppet-tarball Use ensure-* roles 3 years ago
release Symlink tox into the exec path for release jobs 3 years ago
sphinx-docs Switch build-openstack-sphinx-docs to build-sphinx-docs 5 years ago
tox-docs Add support for building PDFs 4 years ago
tox-molecule openstack-tox-molecule: replace success-url and failure-url 3 years ago
tox-with-sudo Add openstack-tox-with-sudo test jobs 5 years ago
wheel-cache Use the official RDO yoga repo for liberasurecode on centos 9 10 months ago
xstatic Fix xstatic-check-version 5 years ago