Sphinx extension to support OpenStack API reference pages creation
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This documents the how and when to release os-api-ref.

When to release

Any time there are fixes or additions ready to go, they should be released. Releases are cheap. If it's been more than a month and there are changes in master, consider releasing them.

If the changes are entirely on the CSS / JS cosmetic side, things are usually pretty safe to release as long as they have been spot checked against a couple of projects. (The gate does the nova tree automatically).

If new warnings are added

If new warnings have been added since the last release, care should be taken to:

  • Alert the mailing list 2 days before the release about the new warning coming in (that should give them time to go non enforcing or fix the issue).

* Ensure that you bump at least the Y in the version number (X.Y.Z). New warnings are not a Z level release.

How to release

Check out openstack/releases

Edit deliverables/_independent/os-api-ref.yaml

Add a line with the version number desired, the git has of the commit that should be that release.

If you have questions ask in #openstack-release