FC: Fix not flushing on detach

When doing multipathed Fibre Channel we may end up not flushing the
volume when disconnecting it if didn't find a multipath when doing
the connection.

The issue is caused by the `connect_volume` call returning a real path
instead of a symlink and us passing the wrong device_info to the
_remove_devices method, which makes the disconnect code incorrectly
identify when a multipath was used to decide whether to do a flush or

This patch fixes these things in order to flush the individual path when

Closes-Bug: #1897787
Change-Id: Ie3266c81b3c6bb5a2c213a12410539d404d1febe
(cherry picked from commit 1432c369fb)
(cherry picked from commit 3adcb40678)
(cherry picked from commit 1e7ad8b7a4)
Gorka Eguileor 2 years ago committed by Luigi Toscano
parent 53227a7640
commit 39b64f6a16
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@ -220,8 +220,8 @@ class FibreChannelConnector(base.BaseLinuxConnector):
{'device': device})
if os.path.exists(device) and self.check_valid_device(device):
self.host_device = device
# get the /dev/sdX device. This is used
# to find the multipath device.
# get the /dev/sdX device. This variable is maintained to
# keep the same log output.
self.device_name = os.path.realpath(device)
raise loopingcall.LoopingCallDone()
@ -255,8 +255,11 @@ class FibreChannelConnector(base.BaseLinuxConnector):
# see if the new drive is part of a multipath
# device. If so, we'll use the multipath device.
if self.use_multipath:
# Pass a symlink, not a real path, otherwise we'll get a real path
# back if we don't find a multipath and we'll return that to the
# caller, breaking Nova's encryption which requires a symlink.
(device_path, multipath_id) = self._discover_mpath_device(
device_wwn, connection_properties, self.device_name)
device_wwn, connection_properties, self.host_device)
if multipath_id:
# only set the multipath_id if we found one
device_info['multipath_id'] = multipath_id
@ -339,8 +342,8 @@ class FibreChannelConnector(base.BaseLinuxConnector):
mpath_path = self._linuxscsi.find_multipath_device_path(wwn)
if mpath_path:
device_info = self._linuxscsi.get_device_info(real_path)
dev_info = self._linuxscsi.get_device_info(real_path)
LOG.debug("devices to remove = %s", devices)
self._remove_devices(connection_properties, devices, device_info)
@ -351,7 +354,15 @@ class FibreChannelConnector(base.BaseLinuxConnector):
# all of them
path_used = self._linuxscsi.get_dev_path(connection_properties,
was_multipath = '/pci-' not in path_used
# NOTE: Due to bug #1897787 device_info may have a real path for some
# single paths instead of a symlink as it should have, so it'll only
# be a multipath if it was a symlink (not real path) and it wasn't a
# single path symlink (those have filenames starting with pci-)
# We don't use os.path.islink in case the file is no longer there.
was_symlink = path_used.count(os.sep) > 2
# We check for /pci because that's the value we return for single
# paths, whereas for multipaths we have multiple link formats.
was_multipath = '/pci-' not in path_used and was_symlink
for device in devices:
device_path = device['device']
flush = self._linuxscsi.requires_flush(device_path,

@ -262,16 +262,23 @@ class LinuxSCSI(executor.Executor):
# No used path happens on failed attachs, when we don't care about
# individual flushes.
# When Nova used a multipath we don't need to do individual flushes.
if not path_used or was_multipath:
if not path_used:
return False
# We need to flush the single path that was used.
# For encrypted volumes the symlink has been replaced, so realpath
# won't return device under /dev but under /dev/disk/...
path = os.path.realpath(path)
path_used = os.path.realpath(path_used)
return path_used == path or '/dev' != os.path.split(path_used)[0]
# Need to flush this device if we used this specific path. We check
# this before checking if it's multipath in case we don't detect it
# being multipath correctly (as in bug #1897787).
if path_used == path:
return True
# We flush individual path if Nova didn't use a multipath and we
# replaced the symlink to a real device with a link to the decrypted
# DM. We know we replaced it because it doesn't link to /dev/XYZ,
# instead it maps to /dev/mapped/crypt-XYZ
return not was_multipath and '/dev' != os.path.split(path_used)[0]
def remove_connection(self, devices_names, is_multipath, force=False,
exc=None, path_used=None, was_multipath=False):

@ -474,6 +474,9 @@ class FibreChannelConnectorTestCase(test_connector.ConnectorTestCase):
find_mp_dev_mock, 'rw', False)
self.assertNotIn('multipathd_id', connection_info['data'])
# Ensure we don't call it with the real path
device_name = discover_mp_dev_mock.call_args[0][-1]
self.assertNotEqual(realpath_mock.return_value, device_name)
@mock.patch.object(fibre_channel.FibreChannelConnector, 'get_volume_paths')
def test_extend_volume_no_path(self, mock_volume_paths):
@ -731,6 +734,8 @@ class FibreChannelConnectorTestCase(test_connector.ConnectorTestCase):
@ddt.data(('/dev/mapper/<WWN>', True),
('/dev/mapper/mpath0', True),
# Check real devices are properly detected as non multipaths
('/dev/sda', False),
('/dev/disk/by-path/pci-1-fc-1-lun-1', False))

@ -1126,8 +1126,15 @@ loop0 0"""
def test_get_dev_path_no_path(self, con_props, dev_info):
self.assertEqual('', self.linuxscsi.get_dev_path(con_props, dev_info))
@ddt.data(('/dev/sda', '/dev/sda', True, False, None),
@ddt.data(('/dev/sda', '/dev/sda', False, True, None),
# This checks that we ignore the was_multipath parameter if it
# doesn't make sense (because the used path is the one we are
# asking about)
('/dev/sda', '/dev/sda', True, True, None),
('/dev/sda', '', True, False, None),
# Check for encrypted volume
('/dev/link_sda', '/dev/disk/by-path/pci-XYZ', False, True,
('/dev/sda', '/dev/mapper/crypt-pci-XYZ')),
('/dev/link_sda', '/dev/link_sdb', False, False, ('/dev/sda',
('/dev/link_sda', '/dev/link2_sda', False, True, ('/dev/sda',

@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
- |
`Bug #1897787 <https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1897787>`_: Fix
Fibre Channel not flushing volumes on detach when a multipath connection
was requested on their attach, but one was not found.