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Eric Harney e506d83220 Add LIO barbican tests to .zuul.yaml
Load the LIO job from Cinder's repo where it
is defined.

Change-Id: I30723c5224cb9cc8d02a6099491aa2f4b1cbec46
5 years ago
Vu Cong Tuan 5ce69faed0 Remove testrepository
This commit is a follow-up of "switch to using stestr"
which was merged already [1].
After switch to using stestr, testrepository is unnecessary
and should be removed.


Change-Id: I702720f5fcebbd9b0fa0e7e387c7a4d3f1bf4542
5 years ago
Sean McGinnis 9a741bac21 Add .stestr.conf configuration
os-testr has moved over to use stestr instead of testr. While this
is usually compaible with existing settings, there is a warning
that is emitted when .stestr.conf is not present. It is usually
able to fall back to parsing the .testr.conf file, but to be more
correct and to prevent future problems we should update the config.

Change-Id: I15fd3427485ff26ee936cae622585745ba9281b7
6 years ago
Walter A. Boring IV 94eae1857b Add ignore for . directories
This adds a global ignore for all .* directories
and whitelists known . files that we want.

Change-Id: I9b57a28b80cbb059c68a96a848c26d4fa2fc75f7
7 years ago
Walter A. Boring IV 9640b73cc4 Fix coverage generation
This patch makes a few small changes that will get tox -ecover
working again.

Change-Id: If67b0ad11226ff0f5774ace968277cd400f78655
7 years ago
Eric Harney 2ec0e03a2d Add pylint tox env
Run pylint with
 $ tox -e pylint

(Copied from Cinder with small modifications.)

Change-Id: Ieedcab8abdae759b4eedd9389db11f1bad62a5ca
7 years ago
Sean McGinnis 4b3dbdcb2f Add reno for release notes management
Adopt reno for release notes like we have done for cinder.
One difference for the client is we will not be backporting
to Liberty per recommendation here [1].


Change-Id: I8f0ea1e23cb60d9f5a2a41ee440c47716bb7a3f8
7 years ago
Walter A. Boring IV 81b1dbebdf Created the Brick library from Cinder
This is the external Brick library that came from
Cinder's codebase.  It's intended to be used as a
standalone library and subproject of Cinder.
8 years ago