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Maciej Kucia d9ac24d0d2 Stop ignoring H405 hacking rule in tox
This change is one in the series of changes to
align os-brick with Cinder rules.

- H405 'multi line docstring summary not
        separated with an empty line'

See following for more information:

Change-Id: Id67324c0ef22287d91b49ae11eda094bf73739a1
Signed-off-by: Maciej Kucia <>
6 years ago
haobing1 261654b059 Remove self.__dict__ for formatting strings
Following OpenStack Style Guidelines:
It is not clear as using explicit dictionaries
and help avoid some errors during refactoring.

Change-Id: Iac567648435cd83c3d3fafc1a3e69ea75f2b1624
7 years ago
Eric Harney 2ec0e03a2d Add pylint tox env
Run pylint with
 $ tox -e pylint

(Copied from Cinder with small modifications.)

Change-Id: Ieedcab8abdae759b4eedd9389db11f1bad62a5ca
7 years ago