18 Commits (55dd987319dde45a6e053f1eec6fbb625be94a1a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Brian Rosmaita 57409c28b5 New fix for rbd connector to work with ceph octopus 1 year ago
Stephen Finucane ba9d47a9b5 rbd: Support 'rbd showmapped' output from ceph 13.2.0+ 2 years ago
Eric Harney 0ae0afbb0f rbd: Correct local_attach disconnect test and showmapped arguments 2 years ago
Lee Yarwood 36b207239b rbd: Use showmapped to find the root RBD device during disconnect_volume 2 years ago
Rui Yuan Dou a6dff156d7 Fix get keyring content failed when ceph auth disabled 4 years ago
cheng li a760c549b3 Prevent rbd map again if it's already mapped 5 years ago
Daniel Pawlik 13f2765863 Changed way of providing RBD keyring from keyring_path to client token 5 years ago
Daniel Pawlik 72ce87338c Fixed generated temp file problem for RBD backend 5 years ago
Chris MacNaughton f1738d0748 Include identity information in rbd commands 5 years ago
Jon Bernard 7b9a6686bc RBD: consider a custom keyring in connection info 5 years ago
Eric Harney a88f13a1e4 RBD: ensure temporary config gets deleted 6 years ago
Jon Bernard f3db22f57a RBD: enclose ipv6 addresses in square brackets 6 years ago
Ji-Wei 9b561506d5 Change assertTrue(isinstance()) with optimal assert 6 years ago
Gorka Eguileor a9f50dd382 Fix cmd execution stderr, stdout unicode errors 6 years ago
Naga Venkata f0491dbe7d Fixes with customized ceph cluster name 6 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny 91ac58fe77 Fix linuxrbd to work with Python 3 6 years ago
Kendall Nelson c5e3d8affb Splitting Out Connectors from connector.py 6 years ago