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Sean McGinnis 5dc5a55d33 Provide setting to ignore lvm descriptor leak warnings 4 years ago
wanghongxu aa8cccd1bc set vg_thin_pool_size to float type 5 years ago
zhanghongtao b684b4dff1 Using assertIsNone(x) instead of assertEqual(None, x) 6 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny c2968770a5 Mock time.sleep for test_lv_deactivate_timeout test 6 years ago
Nate Potter e1f9a54625 Remove race condition from lvextend 6 years ago
Eric Harney dc9bbb978a LVM: Create thin pool with 100%FREE 7 years ago
Angus Lees dbf77fba10 Trivial rootwrap -> privsep replacement 7 years ago
Walter A. Boring IV d3b9696f0d os-brick add cinder local_dev lvm code 7 years ago