17 Commits (76ce4f707dc4cc50d0f0fe6f53ef0d96d2ed5817)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Vallee Delisle f85e7e61f8 Read mounts from /proc/mounts instead of running mount 2 years ago
  Eric Harney 30d7bc124e Fix NFS "already mounted" detection 3 years ago
  Eric Harney dc5935df10 RemoteFS: don't fail in do_mount if already mounted 3 years ago
  Maciej Kucia d9ac24d0d2 Stop ignoring H405 hacking rule in tox 4 years ago
  Ivan Kolodyazhny 57901da4e3 Move vzstorage related code out of RemoteFsClient 4 years ago
  jeremy.zhang 6cf9b1cd68 Remove log translations 4 years ago
  Walter A. Boring IV 075f12e7d6 RemoteFsClient extend Executor 5 years ago
  Angus Lees dbf77fba10 Trivial rootwrap -> privsep replacement 5 years ago
  Jordan Pittier 08b1ad0c9d Fix Scality SOFS support 5 years ago
  Silvan Kaiser 915aa5c8d6 Add quobyte protocol for remotefs connections 6 years ago
  Walter A. Boring IV 58ddd2100d Add new Connector APIs for path validation 6 years ago
  Jordan Pittier ba32d78e62 Remotefs: add ScalityFS support 6 years ago
  Dmitry Guryanov ff44cb5457 remotefs: add virtuozzo storage support 6 years ago
  Walter A. Boring IV 6cc5f4a107 update os-brick to pass python3 tests 6 years ago
  Tomoki Sekiyama 84312f8f0b Use oslo_log instead of openstack.common.log 6 years ago
  ankitagrawal fa22662d2d Fix missing translations for log messages 6 years ago
  Walter A. Boring IV 88afc6c17e renamed the project to os-brick 6 years ago
  Walter A. Boring IV 81b1dbebdf Created the Brick library from Cinder 7 years ago