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howardlee b00cee15d8 Update and replace http with https for doc links
1) Update doc links according to OpenStack document migration
2) Use https instead of http for docs links

Change-Id: Ib98f33de8d7f6ef84a2f6ecb498530b336da875b
6 years ago
Flavio Percoco 29c2a8e016 Show team and repo badges on README
This patch adds the team's and repository's badges to the README file.
The motivation behind this is to communicate the project status and
features at first glance.

For more information about this effort, please read this email thread:

To see an example of how this would look like check:


Change-Id: Ibe0040b1491da61885e25fc3ac22a29459298170
7 years ago
xianming mao 793c03b283 Add developer docs url in README.rst(trivial)
Change-Id: I84ccec9e189432899947815158b42903c0b547f8
7 years ago
Walter A. Boring IV 2754a5c7e6 Add fancy pypi version and download images
This patch adds the simple pypi based version icon/image and
download icon/image that's clickable.  This is rendered on shown
on the pypi main page for the version.  An example of what it looks
like is here:

Change-Id: I4a10865145cc6f4a16f1e2ae5f9426512e461c2a
8 years ago
Victor Stinner c7446ccc43 Cleanup Python 3 changes
* Rework BrickException to simplify the code. Revert partially changes
  done to port os-brick to Python 3, without losing Python 3
* tox.ini: run py34 tests using the commands of the default test
  environent. All os-brick tests now pass on Python 3.4, so testr test
  runner can be used to run tests in parallel, get the test repository,
* tox.ini: exchange order of py27 and py34 in envlist: py34 must be
  run first to workaround a testrepository bug (see the note below).
* README: give advices on tox/testrepository issues with python 2/3

Change-Id: If80e01e802079afea3f2ea8051c76afffa47fa03
8 years ago
Walter A. Boring IV 0b89d9b3e7 Update README to work with release tools
The README file needs to have links to the project documentation
and bug tracker in a parseable format in order for some of the
release tools scripts to work (particularly the on that prints the release
note email).

Change-Id: I9200a1cc2147b12a617762d0dabaa72464a9d70f
8 years ago
Walter A. Boring IV b3a392e5a2 Update the documentation for os-brick
This patch intends to update the base documenation that is built
for the os-brick library.  It includes the API documentation,
changelog, tutorial.

You can generate the documentation by running:
tox -edocs

Change-Id: Ia0fe0118207bbdc3cf698dfe09c0b71ebddd57f3
8 years ago
Walter A. Boring IV 81b1dbebdf Created the Brick library from Cinder
This is the external Brick library that came from
Cinder's codebase.  It's intended to be used as a
standalone library and subproject of Cinder.
8 years ago