Volume discovery and local storage management lib
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Zuul f4931f592c Merge "rbd windows: log the device number" 1 month ago
caches opencas: Use BrickException instead of Exception 9 months ago
encryptors Merge "encryptors: Remove workaround for bug #1633518" 2 months ago
initiator Merge "rbd windows: log the device number" 1 month ago
local_dev LVM: Retry lv calls on segfault due to lvs failure 2 months ago
privileged NVMe-oF: Return right nqn when missing hostnqn 3 months ago
remotefs Introduce mypy 4 months ago
tests Add support for multiple volumes within subsystem to NVMe-OF connector 1 month ago
__init__.py renamed the project to os-brick 7 years ago
exception.py trivial: correct comment 4 months ago
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i18n.py Update and replace http with https for doc links 4 years ago
utils.py Merge "Replace deprecated tenacity.Retrying.call" 1 month ago
version.py Add reno for release notes management 6 years ago