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Walter A. Boring IV 0f057aee6e
Rename nvme to nvmeof
3 years ago
encryptors encryptors: Deprecate the CryptsetupEncryptor 3 years ago
initiator Rename nvme to nvmeof 3 years ago
local_dev Provide setting to ignore lvm descriptor leak warnings 4 years ago
privileged Refactor iSCSI connect 6 years ago
remotefs Make NFS already mounted message debug level 4 years ago
tests Rename nvme to nvmeof 3 years ago doc: Remove cruft from 6 years ago Revert "Verify WWN of connected iSCSI devices if passed" 4 years ago iSCSI multipath: improve logging on connect 6 years ago Update and replace http with https for doc links 6 years ago Mask passwords in utils.trace for func params 6 years ago Add reno for release notes management 7 years ago