Walter A. Boring IV d3b9696f0d os-brick add cinder local_dev lvm code
This patch adds the local LVM control code from Cinder into os-brick.
Nova has it's own copy of code that does basically the same thing.
This patch is the first step to migrating both Cinder and Nova to using
the same exact code for managing local lvm volume groups and volumes.
This is NOT a replacement for the Cinder lvm volume driver, but the
low level lvm management code.

Change-Id: I80a1ac859b9f3aa50262a8d0db750a00cb3e2dc4
implements blueprint: local-dev-lvm-to-os-brick
2016-01-12 08:17:31 -08:00
os-brick.filters os-brick add cinder local_dev lvm code 2016-01-12 08:17:31 -08:00