Volume discovery and local storage management lib
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Gorka Eguileor 70899a9aa3 FC: Ignore some HBAs from map for single WWNN 3 years ago
add-vstorage-protocol-b536f4e21d764801.yaml Add missing release notes 6 years ago
add-windows-fibre-channel-030c095c149da321.yaml Add Windows Fibre Channel connector 5 years ago
add-windows-iscsi-15d6b1392695f978.yaml release note for windows iSCSI 5 years ago
add-windows-smbfs-d86edaa003130a31.yaml Add Windows SMBFS connector 5 years ago
add_custom_keyring_for_rbd_connection-eccbaae9ee5f3491.yaml RBD: consider a custom keyring in connection info 5 years ago
bug-1722432-2408dab55c903c5b.yaml Update supported transports for iscsi connector 4 years ago
delay-legacy-encryption-provider-name-deprecation-c0d07be3f0d92afd.yaml encryptors: Delay removal of legacy provider names 5 years ago
fc-always-check-single-wwnn-1595689da0eb673b.yaml FC: Ignore some HBAs from map for single WWNN 3 years ago
fix-multipath-disconnect-819d01e6e981883e.yaml Fix multipath disconnect with path failure 3 years ago
introduce-encryption-provider-constants-a7cd0ce58da2bae8.yaml encryptors: Introduce encryption provider constants 5 years ago
iscsi_manual_scan_support-d64a1c3c8e1986b4.yaml Add open-iscsi manual scan support 4 years ago
local-attach-in-rbd-connector-c06347fb164b084a.yaml Local attach feature in RBD connector 5 years ago
multipath-improvements-596c2c6eadfba6ea.yaml Add missing release notes 6 years ago
nvme-rsd-support-d487afd77c534fa1.yaml Support RSD scenario of nvme connector 3 years ago
refactor_iscsi_connect-dfbb24305a954783.yaml Refactor iSCSI connect 4 years ago
refactor_iscsi_disconnect-557f4173bc1ae4ed.yaml Refactor iSCSI disconnect 4 years ago
remove-old-constants-20021f5b30bde890.yaml Fix a typographical error in a release notes entry. 4 years ago
scaleio-extend-attached-ec44d3a72395882c.yaml Adding support to extend attached ScaleIO volumes 4 years ago
start-using-reno-23e8d5f1a30851a1.yaml Add reno for release notes management 6 years ago
veritas-hyperscale-connector-fe56cec68b1947cd.yaml os-brick connector for Veritas HyperScale 5 years ago
vmware-vmdk-connector-19e6999e6cae43cd.yaml Add connector for vmdk volumes 5 years ago