Volume discovery and local storage management lib
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Gorka Eguileor f2fed213f6 Improve detection of multipathd running 3 years ago
encryptors Make close on cryptsetup volumes idempotent 4 years ago
initiator Improve detection of multipathd running 3 years ago
local_dev set vg_thin_pool_size to float type 4 years ago
privileged Refactor iSCSI connect 5 years ago
remotefs Move vzstorage related code out of RemoteFsClient 5 years ago
windows Windows iSCSI: ensure disks are claimed by MPIO 4 years ago
__init__.py renamed the project to os-brick 7 years ago
base.py Merge "Replace assertDictMatch with assertDictEqual" 5 years ago
test_brick.py Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding 5 years ago
test_exception.py Use six.text_type instead of unicode 7 years ago
test_executor.py iSCSI multipath: improve logging on connect 4 years ago
test_utils.py Mask passwords in utils.trace for func params 5 years ago