Revert "Support building wheels (PEP-427)"

This reverts commit 9d460a44e4.

The patch being reverted should not have been merged, because
setting universal to True is used to claim in-place python 2/3
compatibility in Wheel packages.

We don't support python 3 yet, so we must not claim the opposite
here (as this would harm end users as soon as we start uploading
Wheel packages to PyPi).

Please see the following links for details:

Change-Id: I73106d2a1752fa8ee11694c6d9c123a953e6c462
changes/55/59155/1 0.1.7
Roman Podoliaka 10 years ago
parent e6810895dc
commit 4a1487ec58

@ -32,6 +32,3 @@ console_scripts =
tag_build =
tag_date = 0
tag_svn_revision = 0
universal = 1