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Corey O'Brien cb171db770 Use universal_newlines with subprocess.check_output
Python 3 will complain when trying to split a byte-string using a string
so this change enables universal_newlines to make the split work in both
python 2 and 3. Also add a py3 tox environment.

Change-Id: I9af74b6c6cc9cfd0c973c85be04791aa6dc0acd4
6 years ago
Steve Baker 76975f04e5 ec2 collector attempt config-drive before metadata server
This change will first attempt to get ec2 metadata from a v2 config
drive before falling back to the nova metadata server if no config
drive is detected.

Config drive is enabled in overcloud nodes, so using this for
os-collect-config will allow the undercloud nova metadata server to be

V2 of the config-drive was released in OpenStack Folsom, so a decision
was made to not support V1 discovery at all. This makes the block
device candidate selection much simpler than the cloud-init one[1].


Change-Id: I2aec0544fe40c2e901aee38c79bb838a627d20da
Closes-Bug: #1619074
7 years ago