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James Slagle 9ee07c96c2 Revert "Treat ec2 collector data as immutable"
All CI jobs are timing out currently during NetworkDeployment
because 99-refresh-completed is not signaling to Heat due to
instance-id being detected as null by os-apply-config.

I suspect this patch is causing the issue.

This reverts commit 8717436db9.

Change-Id: Id0d122d7e855cd828a0742dabc5f7089fb6a913c
Closes-Bug: 1623754
7 years ago
Steve Baker 8717436db9 Treat ec2 collector data as immutable
Currently the ec2 collector polls the nova metadata service every
$polling_period even though the data is not expected to change and no
known config actions have been written to respond to changes in these

With larger overclouds, this metadata polling will cause noticeable
load on the undercloud, especially nova-api and neutron (for port

This change allows collect calls to raise a SourceAlreadyCollected
exception if the data for this collector never changes. The ec2
collector raises this if its data has already been cached to

Change-Id: Ib7df590601132857690c8ab64fe32098a81752d8
Closes-Bug: #1619072
7 years ago
Thomas Herve b13122918c Add support for zaqar transport
This adds a new zaqar collector able to read configuration from a
specific zaqar queue.

blueprint software-config-zaqar
Change-Id: Ie38af7b59e7a1aa370ac7760bb7819e37c2165c3
8 years ago
Steve Baker ad475ee927 Collector which does a simple HTTP GET
This change implements a collector which does an HTTP GET via
python requests to fetch the metadata.

It should work with any GET-able URL, however it is designed to
work with Swift TempURLs.

Swift objects are not consistent, so the Last-Modified header is
checked for each poll and metadata is not fetched if the last
modified is not newer than the previous successful poll.

This collector will be enabled for OS::Nova::Server
software_config_transport: POLL_TEMP_URL which is available
in the Juno release of Heat. Using POLL_TEMP_URL will result
in no metadata polling load on heat, which has historically been
an issue with tripleo scalability.

Change-Id: I22155c22bdcc3c81a5e945ca5436a8f29f196528
9 years ago
Jenkins 9b28e39fa1 Merge "Add a local data collector" 9 years ago
Clint Byrum 4696fd4f93 Add a local data collector
This collector will collect data from the local system, allowing image
builds or simple processes to influence the metadata.

implements bp tripleo-juno-occ-localdatasource

Change-Id: I0e58e8c631ffe8b63e8b4117df2c9ce2f413044f
9 years ago
Clint Byrum 79efeba4c3 Do not log unconfigured collector as warning
The configuration will dictate whether or not something is configured.
If it is not, this is a normal state and should not be logged as a

Change-Id: I479f0aed5837871009bc69fa028f5eb64a060c53
Closes-Bug: #1321551
9 years ago
Steve Baker 80c98a33ee Add collector for heat API resource metadata
This collector uses keystoneclient and heatclient to poll for the
configured resource metadata.

Changes were required to test_collect to allow collectors which needed
to fake something other than requests.

Change-Id: I3e93fe38b15f71193a4c024b24e6260d6adcf1b3
9 years ago
Clint Byrum 737fff67c3 Fixes for hacking 0.6
- Add missing License Header to exc.
- Use python 3 compatible print.

Change-Id: Ibbcbfadffb978f9d8789e1fbc0c0819da06489d3
10 years ago
Clint Byrum 140e527458 Detect invalid collectors.
The program would blow up anyway, but provide users with a more friendly
error message.

Change-Id: If70fc27b61963058af036568b88535b7f2dcff3f
10 years ago
Clint Byrum c42f3e46a7 Add heat_local for locally injected metadata.
Functionality has been added, but it is not called in main.
10 years ago
Clint Byrum 3cf47cefd6 Actual implementation of CloudFormation 10 years ago
Clint Byrum 4a568e4456 Add explicit os_collect_config exceptions. 10 years ago