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Alex Schultz 69f0af9ccc Lower local collector log level
The local collector was added as the default but we're not properly
configuring it anywhere so this results in two log messages being
printed. Let's lower one of the messages to info and leave the one about
non-existing directory as a warning to indicate possible

Change-Id: I52ead32cce1eaf5f3816507e8e62b270f1a1a1cd
Closes-Bug: #1691003
5 years ago
Ben Nemec f092ea133f Switch to oslo.log again
We're currently still using unmaintained oslo-incubator code for
our logging, which is bad.  This switches us to oslo.log as
described in [1].


Change-Id: Ibce86ab4ee24eeb55d0de1b0d5ff4ee4ea6ef66f
7 years ago
Ben Nemec ab5c66df45 Revert "Switch to oslo.log"
This isn't quite right and broke on stable/liberty.  Pushing
a revert in case I3c22d77dece399d21ab94783b74990789a1e1481
doesn't actually fix the problem.  We should probably merge
whichever passes first.

This reverts commit 69653318f4.

Change-Id: I9304429f25d28ca756e50b1788e149c5bb46b1d6
7 years ago
Ben Nemec 69653318f4 Switch to oslo.log
The old oslo-incubator log module isn't maintained (and doesn't even
exist anymore), so we don't really want to be using it.  It appears
this was the only incubator module we were actually using, so this
allows us to remove all of the unmaintained incubator code.

Change-Id: Ib4ad3b231360987a1ef4f95b5b5a8b656232efc4
7 years ago
Doug Hellmann 4a41f0b3e5 Drop use of 'oslo' namespace package
The Oslo libraries have moved all of their code out of the 'oslo'
namespace package into per-library packages. The namespace package was
retained during kilo for backwards compatibility, but will be removed by
the liberty-2 milestone. This change removes the use of the namespace
package, replacing it with the new package names.

The patches in the libraries will be put on hold until application
patches have landed, or L2, whichever comes first. At that point, new
versions of the libraries without namespace packages will be released as
a major version update.

Please merge this patch, or an equivalent, before L2 to avoid problems
with those library releases.

Blueprint: remove-namespace-packages

Change-Id: If51059c31c82d5235e2ae21143911b5561783ca6
8 years ago
Dougal Matthews 4bc37fd50e Bump hacking to 0.9.x series
Change-Id: I474266c647f31f0ad92ec9878fc03eb5a5c97f43
9 years ago
Gregory Haynes 46e950ddd1 Enable local collector by default
This is a useful collector and it seems odd to not have it on by

Change-Id: Ibc3be6ff27c6290ce32bc01d0e62acf3253545c3
9 years ago
Gregory Haynes d05f57b092 Handle missing local collector directory
We currently explode if local collector is enabled with the data
directory missing. Changing this to a warning allows us to have this
turned on by default without greatly inconveniencing users.

Change-Id: I36364ba1a0706a5a2c820eadd526f2ba424ac665
9 years ago
Steve Kowalik a3c1159ed4 Add support for Python 3
Make changes pretty much all over the code base with respect to
encoding strings and fixing imports to support Python 3.

Change-Id: Id1920129001b8e223474c1b2faf8bd9d527fe7e7
9 years ago
Clint Byrum 4696fd4f93 Add a local data collector
This collector will collect data from the local system, allowing image
builds or simple processes to influence the metadata.

implements bp tripleo-juno-occ-localdatasource

Change-Id: I0e58e8c631ffe8b63e8b4117df2c9ce2f413044f
9 years ago