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yangyawei 537440c66a setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores
Setuptools v54.1.0 introduces a warning that the use of dash-separated
options in 'setup.cfg' will not be supported in a future version [1].
Get ahead of the issue by replacing the dashes with underscores. Without
this, we see 'UserWarning' messages like the following on new enough
versions of setuptools:

  UserWarning: Usage of dash-separated 'description-file' will not be
  supported in future versions. Please use the underscore name
  'description_file' instead


Change-Id: I7c495db4a467a07c648c052da4cb657e83c92e46
2 years ago
Wes Hayutin 6dd0e536b9 Stop testing python2.7
Train was the last release supporting python2. Let's rip the bandaid

Also includes remove tripleo jobs from os-collect-config master

Partial-Bug: #1879361
Co-Authored-By: xuanyandong <>
Co-Authored-By: Alex Schultz <>
Change-Id: I46c79ce87f474a986f1983fa9164e6e4cbeaf8de
3 years ago
Corey Bryant 8cda3f6cc0 Add Python 3 Train unit tests
This is a mechanically generated patch to ensure unit testing is in place
for all of the Tested Runtimes for Train.

See the Train python3-updates goal document for details:

Change-Id: I46590ec9b1fb9054388e3359d1d02217f396fbf6
Story: #2005924
Task: #34253
4 years ago
caoyuan fb5393461f Replace URLs with URLs
Change-Id: I4e23b8ae531bf103a945e0e14610cde0c354a4ab
4 years ago
malei 0bb4026275 Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss
Mailinglists have been updated. Openstack-discuss replaces openstack-dev.

Change-Id: I9ed3f7573f66259ae0c24d52cb257c21faa1512b
5 years ago
Roman Podoliaka 4a1487ec58 Revert "Support building wheels (PEP-427)"
This reverts commit 9d460a44e4.

The patch being reverted should not have been merged, because
setting universal to True is used to claim in-place python 2/3
compatibility in Wheel packages.

We don't support python 3 yet, so we must not claim the opposite
here (as this would harm end users as soon as we start uploading
Wheel packages to PyPi).

Please see the following links for details:

Change-Id: I73106d2a1752fa8ee11694c6d9c123a953e6c462
10 years ago
Sascha Peilicke 9d460a44e4 Support building wheels (PEP-427)
With that, building and uploading wheels to PyPI is only one "python bdist_wheel" away.

Change-Id: I78af0cc8661d2ac8107af462a39bf8b9f378f94a
10 years ago
Monty Taylor efe1fa256b Replace github references with git.o.o
Change-Id: I0c854540b93ff1cf17cac8c252b8db0eef2a87ec
10 years ago
Monty Taylor 3ddfcdbb2e Update stackforge references to openstack
Change-Id: Ibd777b5d9dbb19970aec537fe0145d97287d31f2
10 years ago
Monty Taylor b041fb363e Ensure that README file makes it into the tarball
setup.cfg depends on the README file for its long description, so if
it's not in the source tarball, the build will bomb out. README.rst is an
automatically grokked name of a file for python and gets included
automatically. While we're dealing with this, add a to
ensure that AUTHORS and ChangeLog get installed too.

Change-Id: Id59fa5a6fecc179a80710ba8a5dc898fb713b1cf
10 years ago
Clint Byrum 05b667a977 Splitting os-collect-config into its own repo. 10 years ago
Clint Byrum 5841dd6e24 Create os-collect-config entry point.
Tool to grab config from known data sources. First data source is
The EC2 metadata service.

Change-Id: I33f8c1a96dc20486836055bb60d87f544aac2a62
10 years ago
Robert Collins ba51abbdf1 Rename to os-apply-config.
The name os-config-applier was too confusing given os-refresh-config as the
partner program, so we've decided to rename to os-apply-config.

To aid migration the old command name and default template path are still

Change-Id: I39725595275e7b4375ac4fda52e6a14b7071f7e9
10 years ago
Monty Taylor 49c060a313 Migrate to pbr and testr. 10 years ago