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Alex Schultz 3a7d05a9e8
Drop six
1 year ago
tests Drop six 1 year ago Splitting os-collect-config into its own repo. 10 years ago Drop use of 'oslo' namespace package 8 years ago Drop six 1 year ago Don't ignore SIGPIPE 4 years ago Refactor to avoid monkeypatching requests 10 years ago Use universal_newlines with subprocess.check_output 6 years ago Don't fail on non-valid json in cache files 6 years ago Revert "Treat ec2 collector data as immutable" 6 years ago Add region support 5 years ago Switch to oslo.log again 7 years ago Use TEST-NET-1 for unit tests, not 6 years ago Lower local collector log level 5 years ago Update to a newer hacking library 6 years ago Set a timeout for all data fetches using requests 7 years ago Make --version work properly 10 years ago Drop six 1 year ago