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135 Commits (ca522c25edf0644ba0245b873768515e501d457a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
David Vallee Delisle ca522c25ed Moving is_mellanox_interface to common 1 year ago
vcandappa e5c50e8cf3 Add ifcfg-* scripts on boot for Mellanox NIC interface 1 year ago
waleedm 78089ca531 Change the pkey_id type from string to int 1 year ago
Alexey 1ae025476f Allow linux tap to use routes 1 year ago
Alexey 178564dccd allow vhost0 to pass list of members 1 year ago
David Vallee Delisle baab05e9bb vdpa: Introducing the vdpa PF flag 1 year ago
shrike da7614bc48 basic support for Linux tap devices 2 years ago
Bob Fournier 247f54d71e Set OVSBOOTPROTO to dhcp when using dhcpv6 with OVS 2 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 4363f45062 Cleanup py27 support 3 years ago
Dan Sneddon fe13c4944b Run ifup on a bond when a slave interface is restarted 3 years ago
Dan Sneddon a007ca238b Enable new routing rules on the fly without restarting interfaces 3 years ago
abdallahyas fd9be8fdb5 Adding IPoIB child interfaces to the os-net-config 3 years ago
junbo 04f285ad02 Add linkdelay option 3 years ago
Dan Sneddon b04d8f30d4 Fix handling of SR-IOV PF routes 4 years ago
Adrian Chiris 115c36b892 Unify ethtool options logic 4 years ago
Adrian Chiris 2c13c0eac0 Add support for ethtool options for sriov_pf ports 4 years ago
Ade Lee 98e561a4d2 Add ability to specify multiple search domains 4 years ago
Dan Sneddon dd1906f61f Add ovs_options and ovs_extra parameters to VLAN object 4 years ago
Dan Sneddon e912b02c3b Fix os-net-config interface restarts when applying routes 4 years ago
waleed mousa 3dcad07311 Configure switchdev mode in SR-IOV in os-net-config 4 years ago
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles fc9fbd4461 Enable setting domain parameter for interfaces 4 years ago
Quique Llorente 0349d8b4a2 Checking correct flag to add rules to bridges 4 years ago
Dan Sneddon 35832347e1 Add Policy Based Routing Support to os-net-config 4 years ago
Harald Jensås 19067b4e77 Fix - restart VLAN interface on underlying device change 4 years ago
Dan Sneddon 61b0d665e6 Fix incorrect application of 'ip' commands for bridges 4 years ago
Dan Sneddon c9bf347a23 Apply IP/netmask/route/MTU changes without bouncing interfaces. 4 years ago
Bob Fournier 2495c9ddaa Restart ivs/nvfswitch after config file is updated 4 years ago
Karthik S dbeb6fe87b Adding VLAN support and other configs for sriov_vf 4 years ago
Michael Henkel 40ce571209 vlan and linux_bond members for contrail vrouter 4 years ago
Bob Fournier 1f691d47a6 Restore the order of params in ifcfg file that was inadvertently changed 5 years ago
Bob Fournier db081a75c5 Don't restart ivs/nfvswitch in os-net-config 5 years ago
Zenghui Shi 9e3436262d ifcfg: don't restart ovs if --no-activate is specified 5 years ago
waleed mousa aeaa6fe62b Adding the class and mac approach as dpdk-devargs in mellanox ConnectX-3 5 years ago
Karthik S 9e785a4ce0 Add network objects sriov_vf and sriov_pf 5 years ago
Feng Pan 130e8dbb20 Add support for VPP Bond 5 years ago
Michael Henkel 0b8cd76dbd Added driver option for Contrail DPDK 5 years ago
Cédric Jeanneret 8ddab87c6e Allow to pass more than two DNS while putting 2 DNS 5 years ago
Michael Henkel e1c9456768 This patch adds initial support for the Contrail vRouter interface 5 years ago
Michael Henkel 9e980f19bf Make onboot parameter for ifcfg configuration configurable 5 years ago
Karthik S 312a77a1ac OvS 2.7 support - dpdk-devargs needs to provided for DPDK devices 5 years ago
Dan Sneddon 38e67fcd31 Fix --noop being ignored for dhclient execution 5 years ago
Karthik S c8901b8ac3 Multiqueue support for OvsDpdkBond 6 years ago
Karthik S cc7ff987ca MTU setting for OVSDpdkBond 6 years ago
Ben Nemec 5c840c4941 Continue bringing up interfaces even if one fails 6 years ago
Sanjay Upadhyay 2aa95a8810 Configure multi-queue value for DPDK Port 6 years ago
Sanjay Upadhyay e5cf068ad1 Configure mtu value for DPDK port 6 years ago
Feng Pan c5e11bbfcd Add support for VPP interface 6 years ago
Dan Sneddon 5f0145b885 Allow setting NM_CONTROLLED=yes in os-net-config ifcfg files 6 years ago
karthik s ab0e0d433f Restart Openvswitch after adding DPDK ports 6 years ago
Jaganathan Palanisamy d1db332350 Network service is failing with DPDK 6 years ago