Takashi Kajinami 4b510162e5 Vendor dib-run-parts
The dib-utils repository was retired as part of retirement of TripleO.
This imports the tiny dib-run-parts script because it's used by
os-refresh-config now.

This also removes direct execution of os_refresh_config.py, which is
required only for testing.

Change-Id: Ia516e604bafdc59dbcfa81796348191b03cbe0b7
2024-02-29 17:49:13 +09:00
tests Vendor dib-run-parts 2024-02-29 17:49:13 +09:00
__init__.py add __init__.py, bump version 2013-02-14 10:55:03 -08:00
os_refresh_config.py Vendor dib-run-parts 2024-02-29 17:49:13 +09:00