OpenStack tooling for interacting with testr
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Latest Version


A testr wrapper to provide functionality for OpenStack projects.



ostestr command is deprecated. Use stestr command instead like following

  1. Install stestr (This step is already done if you're using ostestr.)
  2. You can use stestr run ... instead of ostestr ...
  3. You can use stestr list ... instead of ostestr --list ...

For more sub commands and options, please refer to stestr help or the stestr document.

  • ostestr: a testr wrapper that uses subunit-trace for output and builds some helpful extra functionality around testr
  • subunit-trace: an output filter for a subunit stream which provides useful information about the run
  • subunit2html: generates a test results html page from a subunit stream
  • generate-subunit: generate a subunit stream for a single test