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Andreas Jaeger d5c66507d3 Update to hacking 3.0
Hacking 3.0 was just released with minor changes, update to the new

Change-Id: Ia8b6a035fa9a17eccf210bae787676b6b0843ae9
2020-03-31 13:44:29 +02:00
Ghanshyam Mann fcf791b38a [ussuri][goal] Drop python 2.7 support and testing
OpenStack is dropping the py2.7 support in ussuri cycle.

os-testr is ready with python 3 and ok to drop the
python 2.7 support.

Complete discussion & schedule can be found in

Ussuri Communtiy-wide goal:

Switch to using sphinx-build, remove cruft from setup.cfg,,
Update hacking version to support python3 properly.
Fix problems found by pep8.

Change-Id: I6ab22dda05132a735bd9e5caf16cc2bd172b06cc
2020-03-04 01:35:46 +00:00
jacky06 414bbf6d85 Update hacking version
Use latest release 1.1.0 and compatible changes w.r.t pep8

Change-Id: I67c57d65accb3822f7f6a03fea96356fae9025b9
2019-06-30 05:52:12 +00:00
Masayuki Igawa a5bc990fdc
Deprecate ostestr command
This commit adds deprecation comments to README, the user doc and
warning message to in the command. We already switched to use
`stestr` command instead of `ostestr`. And we haven't maintained
this command recently. So, it would be good to make it clearer for

Change-Id: I3a6084db9f86627e3e94abaa4fb4aec52a01126a
2019-06-03 18:44:07 +09:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot cc19ccf1cf Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ib7fd77cb0060f9b9eaecef34caeac0a752985f98
2018-03-15 07:45:07 +00:00
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2017-11-16 11:20:18 +00:00
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Change-Id: Ida421aa8b1a31c2c8f21d30ca88157126e84e762
2017-11-02 07:47:46 +00:00
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Change-Id: I62dfb4d1deff0d062e335311732c32ea907b1872
2017-07-28 15:17:20 +00:00
Dong Ma 4c04fbb5df Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme
As part of the docs migration work[0] for Pike we need to switch to use the


Change-Id: Ibb797e7a004f9a4c29ea38bb8e1f66000c105b0f
2017-06-29 17:24:44 +08:00
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Change-Id: Ia814cd086d59bb6dc386690882798dde7d31ed83
2017-05-17 03:56:09 +00:00
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2017-05-16 14:36:42 +01:00
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Change-Id: I02a4190771c569c0b80888cda867b9364b2b13b2
2017-03-02 17:50:34 +00:00
ricolin ba2b96a5c5 [Fix gate]Update test requirement
Since pbr already landed and the old version of hacking seems not
work very well with pbr>=2, we should update it to match global
Partial-Bug: #1668848

Change-Id: I2c64bcc0b9f95506dad99c93223e6b85f3101708
2017-03-02 22:04:00 +08:00
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2017-01-27 02:13:19 +00:00
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2016-09-28 16:59:18 +00:00
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Change-Id: Idbe09e4fe3eea577cbb8b383b1d820320cb1c23e
2016-09-27 10:06:05 +00:00
Thomas Bechtold 13f99a99e6 Remove discover from test-requirements
discover is only needed for python < 2.7 which
is no longer supported.

Change-Id: I49978500bc098e60c09dc2936a21e4f62057077c
2016-07-04 09:14:05 +02:00
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Change-Id: I22e18be6ce0cedec98063a848d205b292d0b92e1
2016-06-22 05:46:39 +00:00
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Change-Id: I2246ce4ec35e0d60ca68dc6920d6d558a43fde7d
2016-02-10 21:57:50 +00:00
Masayuki Igawa 87ec944a0c Updated from global requirements
This commit updates *requirements.txt that comes from global

Change-Id: I19df7b5d7ce54d5a793018e8158d985775fb7007
2016-01-26 14:25:59 +09:00
James Page 4292155e3e Misc Python 3 compatibility fixes
Python 3 renames StringIO -> io.  Use six to deal
with this change.

Introduces new test dependency on six for StringIO.

Change-Id: Ia875b7fcbb976599053970ef79ed3f3474626bad
2015-06-23 09:49:06 +01:00
Thomas Bechtold 9832648353 Fix ValueError in subunit_trace
When a subunit stream for a testcase doesn't contain start end
enddate, the duration can't be calculated which leads to a:

ValueError: could not convert string to float

Check now if the duration is an empty string and add basic test
coverage based on ddt for the subunit_trace command.

Change-Id: I9953019794ba53fcfcb20e32fecbe94da22c9565
2015-04-18 13:40:32 +02:00
Matthew Treinish f0e5175420 Add basic unit tests to check ostestr return codes
This commit adds some basic unit tests which runs ostestr in some
basic configurations against a fake test suite to ensure that the
ostestr always exits with a 0 on success and 1 on errors when running
tests. This is invaluable for using ostestr in ci systems.
2015-03-18 22:51:07 -04:00
Matthew Treinish d1049b1ad6 Initial Cookiecutter Commit. 2015-03-17 14:58:46 -04:00