Add a trait for UEFI Secure Boot support

Introduce a trait, COMPUTE_SECURITY_UEFI_SECURE_BOOT, as discussed in
the Secure Boot spec[1].  (Yeah, it reads a little awkward, not sure if
we can avoid it, as I've included it as part of compute/

This lets an admin set the trait either via the flavor extra-specs or
image metadata properties:


to request to boot an instance in Secure Boot mode.  Nova's libvirt
driver is responsible make sure the compute node has the necessary
capabilities (e.g. relevant libvirt, QEMU, OVMF, EDK2 et al versions).
If the host hypervisor is incapable, the instance creation will fail.


blueprint: allow-secure-boot-for-qemu-kvm-guests

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@ -18,5 +18,9 @@ TRAITS = [
# support for TPM 1.2
# support for TPM 2.0
# support for UEFI Secure Boot
# ref: