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Danylo Vodopianov cff125c791 Comment to the trait was added
Nova spec:

Change-Id: I9490d3a91c027c78f0d03fccd6bd16472c0b5c4c
2023-05-04 14:20:30 +03:00
Zuul b7b1b24d30 Merge "Add 'COMPUTE_NET_VIRTIO_PACKED'" 2023-05-04 09:22:00 +00:00
Danylo Vodopianov 3b0a2eaa82 Add 'COMPUTE_NET_VIRTIO_PACKED'
COMPUTE_NET_VIRTIO_PACKED allows us to report this trait and use it to
filter hosts that support packed virtqueue.

Nova spec:

Change-Id: I0752af7b67e999d53f007b3e83ec218bb6fd7da7
2023-03-02 16:40:05 +02:00
René Ribaud 0d924f547e Add 'COMPUTE_SHARE_LOCAL_FS'
COMPUTE_SHARE_LOCAL_FS allows us to report this trait and use
it to filter hosts that support sharing local FS.

Implements: blueprint virtiofs-scaphandre
Change-Id: I7d3aee17b9afab5820735f5bdbb5fe69391dce45
2023-02-08 11:32:41 +01:00
Nobuhiro MIKI 845e80d606 Add new 'COMPUTE_ADDRESS_SPACE_*' traits
These traits indicate the pass-through or emulated
mode of the guest physical address bits.

blueprint: libvirt-maxphysaddr-support
Signed-off-by: Nobuhiro MIKI <>
Change-Id: Id3716ea9d8581b3c41604f35ed83fa41a3ce0554
2023-01-20 18:33:45 +09:00
Jan Hartkopf fc91a78e99 add new trait for config drive regeneration
Add trait to specify whether a driver supports regeneration
of config drives.

Change-Id: I1c63d1edde52e71c571258b87903afaaa26b1c8c
Signed-off-by: Jan Hartkopf <>
2022-08-25 11:57:22 +02:00
Zuul 04e8bb34cf Merge "Add traits for vIOMMU" 2022-07-28 14:26:56 +00:00
Rico Lin 74988cdba7 Add traits for vIOMMU
Add traits for vIOMMU traits corresponding to the allowed values of
"hw_iommu_model" image metadata property.

Blueprint: libvirt-viommu-device
Change-Id: Ic44429ad360475143b20071f85d534a958d110e0
2022-07-28 11:22:48 +00:00
Balazs Gibizer 62bb86895f Add COMPUTE_MANAGED_PCI_DEVICE trait
This will be used by nova implementing PCI tracking in Placement along
with the existing OWNER_NOVA trait to indicate that an RP has
inventories of nova managed PCI device (or its children devices).

blueprint: pci-device-tracking-in-placement
Change-Id: Id0c87f3afc223f655a708d7d08df62216d832203
2022-07-20 18:13:08 +02:00
COMPUTE_STORAGE_VIRTIO_FS allows us to report this trait and use
it to filter hosts that support virtio filesystems.

COMPUTE_MEM_BACKING_FILE allows us to report this trait and use
it to filter hosts that supports file-backed memory.

These both traits are necessary to support sharing files with
virtiofs and so forth with manila shares.

Implements: blueprint libvirt-virtiofs-attach-manila-shares
Change-Id: I89419cf1649f48106d84cc84e688df7a065f470a
2022-07-12 15:13:21 +02:00
Zuul 3d1dbf0c9d Merge "Add a trait for remote_managed port-capable nodes" 2022-01-25 16:48:07 +00:00
Jonathan Race fce0902443 Adds Pick guest CPU architecture based on host arch in libvirt driver support
Implement new image meta property that allows for the selection of the
correct QEMU binary, cpu architecture, and machine type for a guest
architecture that is different than the host architecture; An x86_64
guest running on an AArch64 host, and vice versa.

Specifically the required OS traits have been added to ensure that the
hw_architecture and hw_emulation_architecture fields recieve the
correct allowed values.

exapnded hw_architecture os_traits to match all specified in nova object

Implements: blueprint pick-guest-arch-based-on-host-arch-in-libvirt-driver
Closes-Bug: 1863728
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Race <>
Change-Id: I891cd43b2b97b3774ff923e3487a153a5ba237ef
2022-01-11 19:16:16 +00:00
Dmitrii Shcherbakov e14a4049bc Add a trait for remote_managed port-capable nodes
Instances with VNIC_TYPE_SMARTNIC port need PCI devices tagged as
"remote_managed" in the PCI whitelist, however, not all compute drivers
may support the necessary functionality or have the necessary devices.

A new trait is added in order to allow a pre-filter based on it to be
implemented to avoid considering compute hosts that do not support
"remote_managed" ports.

Implements: blueprint integration-with-off-path-network-backends
Needed-By: I168d3ccc914f25a3d4255c9b319ee6b91a2f66e2
Change-Id: If5a4c81084ff9f9f8fecf9fa4cd62fc98e3efcd9
Task: 44048
Story: 2009706
2021-11-23 17:58:41 +03:00
Zuul 300118a51c Merge "Add 'COMPUTE_FIRMWARE_UEFI', 'COMPUTE_FIRMWARE_BIOS'" 2021-08-19 14:31:16 +00:00
Kashyap Chamarthy 0f404b4b48 Add a trait for the "bochs" display device
The 'bochs' display device is a recommended[1] safe option for UEFI

This lets an admin set the trait either via the flavor extra-specs or
image metadata properties:


This also allows The libvirt virt dirver report a standard trait
for bochs graphics model support and enables the image_metadata_prefilter
to automatically request the trait. This will enable vm that request
the bochs graphics model to be automaticaly scheduled to hosts that
can support it.

Implements: blueprint add-bochs-display-device
Change-Id: Iba867f4632853f99373976e39c3494ea1c8b91a2
Signed-off-by: Kashyap Chamarthy <>
2021-08-19 12:49:08 +01:00
This allows us to report this trait and use it to filter out hosts that
support our requested 'hw_firmware_type'.

Change-Id: Ifc06d6f9b1d3217d09fa20aafc2988acb11c80f2
Signed-off-by: Stephen Finucane <>
2021-08-19 10:54:12 +01:00
Zuul ac1b39eff3 Merge "Add COMPUTE_EPHEMERAL_ENCRYPTION tratis" 2021-02-16 11:11:41 +00:00
Zuul c70ae27d72 Merge "Add a trait for UEFI Secure Boot support" 2021-02-11 17:24:30 +00:00
Lee Yarwood 01db7ff082 Add COMPUTE_EPHEMERAL_ENCRYPTION tratis
This includes format specific traits under

Change-Id: I0438e39a3c61253f781761a5aae895993f897adb
2021-02-11 17:15:23 +00:00
Artom Lifshitz 7601db7148 Add COMPUTE_SOCKET_PCI_NUMA_AFFINITY trait
The new trait will be used to signal that compute hosts can honor the
new `socket` value of hw_pci_numa_affinity_policy. It will be helpful
in rolling upgrade scenarios, mixed hypervisor clouds, and just to
make scheduling faster.

Implements: blueprint pci-socket-affinity
Change-Id: Ia4d1871b719037174506fb784b77572e63303762
2021-02-09 16:06:50 -05:00
Kashyap Chamarthy 89cec2696b Add a trait for UEFI Secure Boot support
Introduce a trait, COMPUTE_SECURITY_UEFI_SECURE_BOOT, as discussed in
the Secure Boot spec[1].  (Yeah, it reads a little awkward, not sure if
we can avoid it, as I've included it as part of compute/

This lets an admin set the trait either via the flavor extra-specs or
image metadata properties:


to request to boot an instance in Secure Boot mode.  Nova's libvirt
driver is responsible make sure the compute node has the necessary
capabilities (e.g. relevant libvirt, QEMU, OVMF, EDK2 et al versions).
If the host hypervisor is incapable, the instance creation will fail.


blueprint: allow-secure-boot-for-qemu-kvm-guests

Change-Id: I333147dcd47c6d0b926338a5a0c545f5adc63961
Signed-off-by: Kashyap Chamarthy <>
2021-01-13 11:31:56 +01:00
Sundar Nadathur bdc942a272 Add a trait that compute manager can handle accelerator requests.
When a Cyborg device profile name is present in the flavor, the
conductor will initiate creation and binding of accelerator requests,
and the compute manager must wait for the ARQ binding notifications.

In a deployment where the conductor is new, but one or more compute
managers are older than the needed version, this flow will break.
To prevent that: (a) the compute manager publishes this trait,
and (b) the scheduler factors this trait in the Placement query, so
that older compute nodes are not included in allocation candidates.

Change-Id: I6dc00248b54f3a8a5d5dae284d2182df5ba550ab
2020-01-15 08:22:00 -08:00
Lee Yarwood c37f67aea1 Add COMPUTE_RESCUE_BFV trait
This change adds the COMPUTE_RESCUE_BFV trait for use when attempting to
rescue boot from volume instances.

Partial-Implements: blueprint virt-bfv-instance-rescue
Change-Id: Ida736058100b5a724da7156399b0c67a9854a806
2020-01-14 15:57:27 +00:00
Matt Riedemann f6c8636bd8 Add COMPUTE_SAME_HOST_COLD_MIGRATE trait
This adds a compute capability trait to model the
nova ComputeDriver supports_migrate_to_same_host capability [1].

There is a latent bug in nova where configuring the
allow_resize_to_same_host option to True can potentially
lead the scheduler to pick the same host the server is on
to start a cold migration which is only supported by the
(in-tree) vCenter driver (since that driver manages a vCenter
cluster of ESXi hosts). This can lead to at best the cold migration
flow picking an alternate host and at worst failing the cold migration.
Either is not desirable if nova could make a better decision during
scheduling by asking placement for only compute nodes that support
this type of operation.

In absence of the trait, nova can workaround the issue with a
config option [2] such that when cold migrating the API can determine
if the current host that the instance is on should be ignored during
scheduling. With the trait, nova could deprecate and remove that workaround
by having the compute API determine if the host that the instance is on
is suitable for same-host cold migration by finding the provider using
the ComputeNode related to the instance (via host/node on the instance)
and if that provider has the COMPUTE_SAME_HOST_COLD_MIGRATE trait [3]. That
would still leave the nova scheduler to filter out allocation candidates
using the RequestSpec.ignore_hosts list as it does today but it's better
than using a global config option in the API which could be wrong for a
mixed hypervisor deployment.


Change-Id: I29ef5c402e0d006518bfce14f616e58f85ce7c9d
Related-Bug: #1748697
2019-12-09 16:10:58 +00:00
ericxiett c7468b0bad Add 'TYPE_PLOOP' image type.
This patch adds missing image type 'TYPE_PLOOP' for Virtuozzo.

Change-Id: Ia9c7b83b7b163ce73e980923f48bc34045ff92be
Closes-Bug: #1854235
2019-12-02 13:14:33 +00:00
Eric Fried 308fef9702 Add COMPUTE_NODE trait
We have at least one use case [1] for identifying resource providers
which represent compute nodes. There are a few ways we could do that
hackishly (e.g. [2], [3]) but the clean way is to have nova-compute mark
the provider with a trait, since nova-compute knows which one it is

This commit adds a COMPUTE_NODE trait for this purpose.

[2] Assume a provider with a certain resource class, like MEMORY_MB, is
always a compute node. This is not necessarily future-proof (maybe all
MEMORY_MB will someday reside on NUMA node providers; similar for other
resource classes) and isn't necessarily true in all cases today anyway
(ironic nodes don't have MEMORY_MB inventory) and there's also currently
no easy way to query for that (GET /resource_providers?MEMORY_MB:1 won't
return "full" providers, and you can't ask for :0).
[3] Assume a root provider without the MISC_SHARES_VIA_AGGREGATE trait
is a compute node. This assumes you're only using placement for nova-ish

Change-Id: I036dd5cab15144447df5346814d5f0e8fd91135d
2019-10-16 11:15:11 -05:00
Eric Fried 274e7395cc Followup: spec ref for auto-converge/post-copy
Adds a comment with a link to the spec for the recently-added

blueprint expose-auto-converge-post-copy

Change-Id: I89a67614cbd2da2840dc9f6a2fdf4f4633ca149f
2019-07-30 08:40:14 -05:00 9de1fa7b3b Add new traits to flag live migration features
Add two new tratis:

Implements: blueprint expose-auto-converge-post-copy

Change-Id: I6afd7ef33edd5187c6242d0e0e58c871cb83250e
2019-07-30 13:48:13 +08:00
Matt Riedemann 74f8a3fe09 Add COMPUTE_STATUS_DISABLED trait
This will be used by nova to signal when a compute node
resource provider is disabled so that a placement request
pre-filter in the nova scheduler can ask placement to filter
out compute node allocation candidates that are disabled,
similar to the post-placement ComputeFilter.

Part of nova blueprint pre-filter-disabled-computes

Change-Id: Ia8e4487bfb59f764a6817ec8650785ffa902eab5
2019-06-24 15:58:11 -04:00
Sean Mooney 95668fdd59 add GOP, NONE and VIRTIO grapics models
This change extends the COMPUTE_GRAPHICS
module with 3 new traits for the GOP, NONE and
VIRTIO models.

Change-Id: I17945e8ad6ea5349f46c26e427a0f539ca5eba8b
Task: 30526
Story: 2005447
2019-06-20 02:10:41 +01:00
Sean Mooney 21f232bd1c add libvirt image metadata traits
- This change introduces standard traits for the
  well defined hw_disk_model, hw_cdrom_model, hw_video_model
  and hw_vif_model image metadata properties.
- This spec defines all of the new traits in the compute
  namespace as they represent the ability of a hypervisor to
  emulate a specific virtual device model, not the presence
  of the respective hardware device on the host.

Change-Id: I42237b196644bfa87701f978a1519941d447b450
Task: 30526
Story: 2005447
2019-06-20 02:07:05 +01:00
Eric Fried 1b14058122 Add contextual comment about image type traits
Adds a comment to the compute.image module proposed in [1] providing
context on where the values were derived from, and that they should be
kept in sync in the (perhaps unlikely) event that more image types are
added in the future.

[1] I2a76e6b1062b0112faec73cef4a369124e45aa98

Change-Id: I1f0d79e3e77d23d3a190bad594c504ef5503cc67
2019-03-28 11:46:46 -05:00
Dan Smith d225a7f5aa Add COMPUTE_IMAGE_TYPE_* traits
These are traits used to represent Glance image types that may be supported
by a service such as nova-compute. Glance defines these types rigidly in
their documentation:

and thus they should be stable and standardized for use in placement

Change-Id: I2a76e6b1062b0112faec73cef4a369124e45aa98
2019-03-28 08:54:27 -07:00
Paul-Emile Element 98c5e74276 Add new traits for TPM support
This modification creates the two new traits defined in:


Change-Id: I87d035a6365c7f80649a925c50071dd204537cd7
Signed-off-by: Paul-Emile Element <>
2019-01-11 09:12:51 -05:00
Matt Riedemann 3e0a6ea4f5 Add COMPUTE_TRUSTED_CERTS trait
This mirrors the compute driver "supports_trusted_certs"
capability added to nova in change:


This is something validated during server creation
and if the user requests trusted image cert validation
but the driver does not support it, the create request
on that host fails. We eventually want to publish these
driver capabilities as traits so we can optimize scheduling
to avoid those types of capabilities-based build failures:


Related to blueprint nova-validate-certificates

Change-Id: I0a67ce94b03b5707802935ddd36aedc622fe12fe
2018-06-19 13:44:48 -04:00
Jay Pipes 56531c2a81 Add compute capabilities traits
The virt driver API in nova has a capabilities dict that lists the
capabilities of the virt driver.

Based on the patch at, let's
try to standardize the relevant capabilities into a new
os_traits.compute module.

Change-Id: I77f2c4c696010dfe25d3282374dac702b08abaa6
2018-04-24 13:37:31 -04:00