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  OpenStack Release Bot e4d0e7e6b8 Update master for stable/stein 1 month ago
  OpenStack Release Bot f4721e5c70 Update reno for stable/rocky 9 months ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 260b3e7d4b Update reno for stable/queens 1 year ago
  Stephen Finucane 21b879b755 doc: Remove cruft from conf.py 1 year ago
  Stephen Finucane 5c46158f38 doc: Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme 1 year ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 8660300200 Update reno for stable/pike 1 year ago
  Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez ce9bef1c5b Add a new parameter ``suffix`` to function ``get_traits`` 1 year ago
  Yingxin d56ac9facb Rename the rest capabilities to traits 2 years ago
  Jay Pipes 7d2a583f32 Initial commit of os-capabilities library 2 years ago