Do not output log on bash autocomplete generation

Do not output log on bash autocomplete generation as it requires
manual sanitizing.   For instance, when running `openstack complete`,
it appends the following two lines:
complete -F _openstack openstack
2022-05-10 12:50:25.052 863 INFO [-] END return value: 0
and in the current .spec file, we manually remove the `complete -F`
line but we still get that output in train at least.  This
behavior was not seen on master/wallaby.

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David Hill 2022-05-10 12:28:43 -04:00
parent 65c73fd503
commit 973e16960d
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@ -144,7 +144,8 @@ class OpenStackShell(app.App):
return ret_val
finally:"END return value: %s", ret_val)
if 'complete' not in argv:"END return value: %s", ret_val)
def init_profile(self):
self.do_profile = osprofiler_profiler and self.options.profile