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Dean Troyer 2bcf7396d8 Begin moving bits to osc_lib
* command
* commandmanager
* exceptions
* logs
* parseractions
* session
* timing
* utils
* test fakes, utils
7 years ago
TerryHowe f8ebc57491 Use format options for functional tests
Use the format options for functional tests so we can have more
assertEquals and less assertIn.

Change-Id: I34e6c76b42964f7b596ea35e6b0354a242611cb4
8 years ago
TerryHowe b1eac35e70 Functional tests run in many environments
Have the functional tests running with less customization and
less shell.  This change will allow the functional tests to be
run against any cloud set up in the environment.

Change-Id: I24f621fbace62273e5a0be24e7af9078c0fc8550
8 years ago
Dean Troyer d8f52dffff Add Identity v2 project tests
* establish the the form of cliff command classes
* implement some common fake objects
* implement Identity command tests for v2 project
* fix stdout/stderr capture

Also re-work the project create and set commands for exclusive options
(--enable|--disable) to actually behave properly.  Yay tests!

Change-Id: Icbb313db544c1f8dd3c9af7709971838b5a4d115
10 years ago
Monty Taylor 0dadf9ae06 Move tests into project package.
There are several reasons for this. One is that the majority of
OpenStack packages behave this way. The second is that it makes writing
software that extends something easier to test (which is a clear usecase
for openstackclient) And third, tests/ implies a global
package named "tests" - which I'm pretty sure we're not providing.

Change-Id: Ic708ffd92aea78c2ffc1a8579af0587af4fca4ff
10 years ago
Josh Kearney 3926f35df7 Migrate from nose to testr.
Run tests with testr for parallel execution.

Part of blueprint grizzly-testtools.

Change-Id: I560592186f2f440049a451a32e58067262ab62d0
10 years ago