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OpenStack Release Bot f60cc09ec6 Update reno for stable/ocata
Change-Id: I17a7c38ef08dd83cb8e25d58eaee06b8852e3c4b
2017-01-31 20:52:43 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot d378877fe7 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ie51f749a567302fc5e30161c7e8da677571c7c6e
2017-01-21 15:55:19 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 1371b5b190 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I5d31693b1706459e5e825bf2f12989e8ec4865b5
2017-01-16 17:26:25 +00:00
Jenkins 45be3e1b2c Merge "Calls to federated service providers using Keystone-to-Keystone" 2017-01-11 03:08:49 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 54e147cf3e To display image size in human friendly format
Include option '--human-readable' to 'image show' command.
This option displays image size in human readable format
(such as K, M, G, T,..)

(Re-submitted as the original had
a parent commit not present in Gerrit, was proposed by "OpenStack
Proposal Bot")

Change-Id: I0ef74c2ec978483fe49156c88acf5c369a8fa5c2
Closes-Bug: #1640086
Co-Authored-By: Badhmapriya Boopalan <>
2017-01-10 13:56:34 -06:00
Jenkins 8e1f3c2f9c Merge "Include OSC additions 2" 2017-01-09 21:21:18 +00:00
Jenkins da9a69b45e Merge "Include OSC additions" 2017-01-09 19:13:26 +00:00
Roey Chen f6c357d749 Don't call formatters on None value
Some object fields are allowed to be set to None, in such cases we
shouldn't call any formatters on the field.
For example, a subnet has a field 'service_types' which could be a list
of values but is also nullable.

Change-Id: I6574bdf742c0cd24cc824f08e8ba4c40d390cbe0
Closes-Bug: #1652025
2017-01-08 13:18:22 +00:00
Dean Troyer 52e7aa6fdd Include OSC additions 2
OSC has some additions to OSC_Config that we need to include:
* Updates to initialize_app() and prepare_to_run_command()

Change-Id: I1846f823fb57bb0b43c0f074a24d3de1a8e4a24f
2017-01-04 16:14:16 -06:00
Dean Troyer 3fdc5b16e4 Include OSC additions
OSC has some additions to OSC_Config that we need to include:
* A fix for bug 1642301 in _auth_default_domain()
* The addition of _validate_auth_ksc() and _validate_auth() that
  include current OSC needs.  These need to be migrated into os-client-config
  in a compatible manner...

Change-Id: I21a6ba3682ef97146db977270315c74c12d7b3b5
2017-01-04 11:54:23 -06:00
Dean Troyer f999ba25d1 Add deprecated_option_warning() method to Command
This method factors out a common pattern for handling deprecated
command options.

Change-Id: I8ca8ec76365833cc8a71388e478680f7f8444be0
2017-01-04 11:11:11 -06:00
Kristi Nikolla 572eddc142 Calls to federated service providers using Keystone-to-Keystone
Allow users to direct calls using the OpenStackClient to a remote
federated service provider using Keystone 2 Keystone federation.

Change-Id: Icbdb286f840ecd3a57c64ef69b9e55925439b2f1
2016-12-21 11:43:17 -05:00
Tony Breeds c6a3990f1f Add Constraints support
Adding constraints support to libraries is slightly more complex than
services as the libraries themselves are listed in upper-constraints.txt
which leads to errors that you can't install a specific version and a
constrained version.

This change adds constraints support by also adding a helper script to
edit the constraints to remove osc-lib.

Change-Id: Ie6b8f7a7c46becc80d6cf9251fbd5eb5c9c707b1
2016-12-21 12:46:56 +11:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 607558a706 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I04de4487f216c67b81ae6b1d0cefea84c4e6c969
2016-12-15 03:53:58 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 09a0102511 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I185eeec02302de8e12602c9c3d4d1f7d56d2d209
2016-11-16 22:15:02 +00:00
Jenkins d4b498e5f7 Merge "Don't include openstack/common in flake8 exclude list" 2016-11-09 23:11:29 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 1e063ad34c Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ie4debf60dfcabefcab3ceb5b838e874b6fcb0cdf
2016-11-09 20:12:13 +00:00
Luong Anh Tuan 25953aac5d Don't include openstack/common in flake8 exclude list
There is no this directory openstack/common which was used to keep codes from
oslo-incubator, we have retired oslo-incubator. Removing openstack/commonfrom
all OpenStack code in favor of the Oslo libraries is a project wide goal
for the Ocata release. So don't use this directory any more. We should drop it
for improving searching efficiency.

Change-Id: Ibbd158ff0c18a27e6208c98b5765dd22676c2f72
2016-11-09 14:11:39 -06:00
Dean Troyer 9e7e8afcde Fix version import in releasenotes
Change Ia46c1eea29678824a5934d846a08dbe52f5058d0 reworked the version
information to make it available internally, forgot to update

Change-Id: I03d745beb18350e77fe688681e86da6c12882d1a
2016-11-09 12:01:28 -06:00
Jenkins 5482f52612 Merge "Remove os-client-config hacks for 1.19.x and 1.20.x" 2016-10-27 16:50:38 +00:00
Jenkins 9327e81262 Merge "Allow passing app_name and app_version for useragent" 2016-10-25 10:15:16 +00:00
Dean Troyer e9a620a087 Remove os-client-config hacks for 1.19.x and 1.20.x
os-client-config is fixing the _validate_auth() issues, we don't
need to anymore.  No back-compat is required, only OSC ever expected
this and that version was never released.

Change-Id: Ic0f2887a4aa18c313692850cf624101f9f7cdefb
2016-10-25 04:42:39 -05:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot bde65666b4 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I0b48c51f749aa8037636b6b9cb79ec58fe4e615e
2016-10-22 01:25:46 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 2aee0cef69 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Iecf3187499e1629a725d2ba80549cd4c534395cb
2016-10-21 00:48:59 +00:00
Jenkins d100a58983 Merge "Avoid string actions on non-string objects" 2016-10-20 18:33:34 +00:00
Jamie Lennox 5b0f4d27de Allow passing app_name and app_version for useragent
Keystoneauth now supports passing app_name and app_version when creating
the session to build a sensible user agent string including client
versions. osc-lib and OpenStack Client should be amongst the first to
support this.

Change-Id: Ia46c1eea29678824a5934d846a08dbe52f5058d0
2016-10-20 10:13:03 +11:00
Jesse Keating fe8b2a798d Avoid string actions on non-string objects
When config is coming from a clouds.yaml file, Python's yaml parser may
turn the version into an int if it is not quoted in the yaml. Ensure
that we set the value to a string before interacting with it.

Also fix a possible string action on a None object.

Change-Id: Ibf02a85d89c95ba76688b3f5c417f861173008d5
Closes-Bug: #1634986
2016-10-19 11:10:39 -07:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 371fed51bc Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I068f374211861dc307a1dbaba199faaab26c7e9f
2016-10-19 17:44:33 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot f0d0a4d8b4 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ia0bab2d6dfd87de3d292d3227c5fac2ea9e088cb
2016-10-15 00:11:01 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot a32e37fe0e Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Id24697aadf043642743bf2824d3a2e6d7a1128a9
2016-10-14 05:42:37 +00:00
Jenkins 5099a55fa6 Merge "Improve output of supported client versions" 2016-10-07 17:52:20 +00:00
Jenkins 01df208a81 Merge "TrivilalFix: Using assertIsNone() instead of assertEqual(None)" 2016-10-07 17:39:31 +00:00
Matt Riedemann 455eb362a3 Add release note for security bug 1630822
This should have been included with the original
fix, but we should have this in the same release
at least.

Change-Id: I9ab1f06282ec33034e7b6b11863ea9f9234d6fe0
Related-Bug: #1630822
2016-10-07 10:08:48 -04:00
Kyrylo Romanenko a9e8aaec12 Improve output of supported client versions
Sort supported client versions.

Change-Id: I85637883e0fa5eb08e029d55cb499f7b2e64df70
Partial-Bug: #1630962
2016-10-07 14:05:30 +03:00
Jenkins 1233255505 Merge "Enable release notes translation" 2016-10-06 23:36:41 +00:00
Jenkins dd42094f06 Merge "Updated from global requirements" 2016-10-06 18:47:59 +00:00
Andreas Jaeger fbe6b952cd Enable release notes translation
Releasenote translation publishing is being prepared. 'locale_dirs'
needs to be defined in to generate translated version of the
release notes.

Note that this repository might not get translated release notes - or
no translations at all - but we add the entry here nevertheless to
prepare for it.

Change-Id: I5c326881123a01a8dbc9db6f248e4a0550f5410d
2016-10-06 20:41:03 +02:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 824c66ef3b Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I08ba59c365a35bf3521ece35ed4c4522d60a52e8
2016-10-06 17:00:57 +00:00
Matt Riedemann 0a82bd7294 Mask passwords in debug logs for auth_config_hook
The auth config hook can have credentials in it so
we have to mask the config before logging it. To
avoid doing the work of masking the password if we
aren't going to log it, there is a conditional put
around the actual debug statement.

Change-Id: I8e626672ec94fc837610216bccb4354dbdedca17
Closes-Bug: #1630822
2016-10-05 21:17:39 -04:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 1833c66da6 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ia119ebf7fef915c410be2263d943023555089d61
2016-09-30 10:23:02 +00:00
Hironori Shiina c14bba3c64 Fix a tiny typo in documentation
This patch removes a duplicate 'the' in documentation.

Change-Id: I3e41c2e66be445f39611427df3461dd1422dd1a1
2016-09-29 20:40:34 +09:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 32cab47ab2 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I57b03fcd377dcd08ef5b2c7abfda8f4175ac9101
2016-09-28 16:59:24 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 58dd24f001 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I0db3086f38bb683cc2f70d9370b7059bc6a66f21
2016-09-27 10:06:11 +00:00
Nam Nguyen Hoai 647ed96f54 TrivilalFix: Using assertIsNone() instead of assertEqual(None)
Following OpenStack Style Guidelines[1]:
[H203] Unit test assertions tend to give better messages for more
specific assertions. As a result, assertIsNone(...) is preferred
over assertEqual(None, ...) and assertIs(..., None)

Change-Id: If09f921565a2252f30fd77324c343272293c3a92
2016-09-27 16:26:04 +07:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 433ddf03bc Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I5e78d325a686705fad14811b685782cec7ebb640
2016-09-26 04:25:55 +00:00
Jenkins 10f4b6d448 Merge "Incorrect usage message when no auth param passed" 2016-09-22 15:13:37 +00:00
Kristi Nikolla 944a668cb7 Update docstring to match params
Docstring referenced to a non-existing method parameter for the
setup_auth() method.

Change-Id: I0eba9f4581c3699e99ca0b34d585d8eaf19746f0
2016-09-16 11:40:12 -04:00
Ukesh Kumar Vasudevan e65d4f7120 Incorrect usage message when no auth param passed
When no auth params passed, user is advised to use os-cloud

Change-Id: I1365487668c7d7c3c31db9b8b311c4e06eb6e16a
Closes-bug: #1615110
2016-09-13 13:39:19 +00:00
Doug Hellmann c1adac6202 standardize release note page ordering
In order to support automatically updating the release notes when we
create stable branches, we want the pages to be in a standard order.
This patch updates the order to be reverse chronological, so the most
recent notes appear at the top.

Change-Id: Ib364dcc8eb31275a31c83b68d7914263b183e393
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2016-09-07 17:02:21 -04:00
Jenkins fa2632a002 Merge "Update reno for stable/newton" 2016-09-02 17:37:08 +00:00