OpenStackClient plugin library support
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Latest Version

OpenStackClient (aka OSC) is a command-line client for OpenStack. osc-lib is a package of common support modules for writing OSC plugins.

  • PyPi - package installation
  • Online Documentation
  • Launchpad project - part of OpenStackClient
  • Bugs - issue tracking
  • Source
  • Developer - getting started as a developer
  • Contributing - contributing code
  • Testing - testing code
  • IRC: #openstack-sdks on OFTC (
  • License: Apache 2.0

Getting Started

osc-lib can be installed from PyPI using pip:

pip install osc-lib

Transition From OpenStackclient

This library was extracted from the main OSC repo after the OSC 2.4.0 release. The following are the changes to imports that will cover the majority of transition to using osc-lib:

  • openstackclient.api.api -> osc_lib.api.api
  • openstackclient.api.auth -> osc_lib.api.auth
  • openstackclient.api.utils -> osc_lib.api.utils
  • openstackclient.common.command -> osc_lib.command.command
  • openstackclient.common.commandmanager -> osc_lib.command.commandmanager
  • openstackclient.common.exceptions -> osc_lib.exceptions
  • openstackclient.common.logs -> osc_lib.logs
  • openstackclient.common.parseractions -> osc_lib.cli.parseractions
  • openstackclient.common.session -> osc_lib.session
  • openstackclient.common.utils -> osc_lib.utils
  • openstackclient.i18n -> osc_lib.i18n
  • ->

Also, some of the test fixtures and modules may be used:

  • openstackclient.tests.fakes -> osc_lib.tests.fakes
  • openstackclient.tests.utils -> osc_lib.tests.utils