RETIRED, Part of OpenStack's Oslo project. New Oslo APIs go through an incubation phase in this repository before being released as part of a proper Python library.
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The Oslo Incubator

The Oslo program produces a set of python libraries containing infrastructure code shared by OpenStack projects. The APIs provided by these libraries should be high quality, stable, consistent and generally useful.

The process of developing a new Oslo API usually begins by taking code which is common to some OpenStack projects and moving it into this repository. Incubation shouldn't be seen as a long term option for any API - it is merely a stepping stone to inclusion into a published Oslo library.

For more information, see our wiki page:

Running Tests

To run tests in virtualenvs (preferred):

sudo pip install tox tox

To run tests in the current environment:

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt nosetests

To run tests using MySQL or PostgreSQL as a DB backend do:

OS_TEST_DBAPI_ADMIN_CONNECTION=mysql://user:password@host/database tox -e py27

Note, that your DB user must have permissions to create and drop databases.