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Update feature freeze policy

The feature freeze policy has fallen somewhat out of date due to
changes in the OpenStack release process and in Oslo itself.  This
updates the policy to better reflect the current state of releases.

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Ben Nemec 2 years ago
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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ Proposed Policy

Projects in the Oslo program will observe their own feature freeze, which will
occur one week before the overall OpenStack feature freeze and continue until
occur one week before the final non-client library release and continue until
all of the consuming OpenStack projects have made their releases for the
cycle. This is a hard freeze, and as such only critical bug fixes should
merge during the freeze period.
@@ -26,17 +26,12 @@ merge during the freeze period.
Freezing early will provide time to release any pending changes in the Oslo
libraries before the consuming projects enter feature freeze.

Note that this policy also applies to oslo-incubator. Feature freezing the
incubator code means that if a bug in incubator is found by a consuming
project, the sync of the fix to that project will not include any new
features that may have been added to incubator in the meantime.


This policy will not apply to libraries that have not yet been released.
Any in-progress graduation work on those can continue through feature
freeze as it will not affect any frozen projects.
Any in-progress work on those can continue through feature freeze as it will
not affect any frozen projects.

Alternatives & History
@@ -67,7 +62,7 @@ Other contributors:

One week before OpenStack feature freeze
One week before final non-client library release

Work Items
@@ -88,8 +83,10 @@ Revision History

* - Release Name
- Description
* -
* - Kilo
- Introduced
* - Rocky
- Modified to better reflect current release landscape

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