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  jacky06 a760439b5a Replace git.openstack.org URLs with opendev.org URLs 2 months ago
  Ben Nemec 272a1fef9f Remove policy-merge policy 2 months ago
  Ben Nemec 9b223579c4 Switch to openstackdocstheme 2 months ago
  Ben Nemec cba6fecac6 Remove incubator policy 4 months ago
  lijunjie 17e24acb65 Fix the misspelling of "except" 5 months ago
  ZhongShengping 896ed5e640 Update mailinglist from dev to discuss 6 months ago
  wangyayan d5a54bcb3f Add placeholder for Train specs 7 months ago
  Raildo Mascena 0d6fa32479 config: Protecting Plaintext Secrets 2 years ago
  Dai Dang Van 6cb4ef6130 Propose spec for handle config changes in code 1 year ago
  Chris Dent 81484e3591 config: Add support for config from environment variables 1 year ago
  Ben Nemec 9e3edb2500 Update feature freeze policy 1 year ago
  melissaml ff45faa1d4 fix a typo rabbitmq-pika-driver.rst 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann f7c5eabf79 fix doc build 1 year ago
  XiaojueGuan 3bd4382d78 Trivial: update url to new url 1 year ago
  wangqi c2cace2299 fix a typo 1 year ago
  Lance Bragstad 10919b43b1 Propose specification for oslo.limit library 1 year ago
  melissaml 424a87db48 Fix url for stevedore 1 year ago
  melissaml 1a894db624 Modify grammatical errors 1 year ago
  Andrew Smith 5564f12af0 Update kafka driver support 1 year ago
  Lance Bragstad 8ace3dc13e Propose specification to include policy scope 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann ad1f590d96 Pluggable drivers for oslo.config 2 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 1ad2d8fda4 Add a new library policy and process proposal 3 years ago
  Lance Bragstad 4fffcfd4bc Propose spec for deprecated policies 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann f097914f43 move the external-pdp spec to the queens directory 1 year ago
  RHE b754a613cc external pdp hook for oslo.policy 1 year ago
  zhangyangyang bfa2397176 change assert(Not)Equals to assert(Not)Equal 1 year ago
  Sean Dague 70a11a4921 global request id spec 2 years ago
  Doug Hellmann 03749c12c9 improving logging debugging 2 years ago
  Ben Nemec 4b7dd6e512 Machine Readable Sample Config 2 years ago
  ChangBo Guo(gcb) 46a51711c1 Add initial directory for any pike specs 2 years ago
  zhangyanxian 41ca79181b Fix typo in oslo.log-user-identity-format-flexibility.rst 2 years ago
  howardlee 12c1f728dc Fix typos in oslo-specs 2 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 0fb21d8a24 Add failure remoting best-of-breed spec 3 years ago
  Brian Stajkowski 5f188151ca Add Configuration Validator 2 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 41eaa56bc3 Add initial directory for any ocata specs 2 years ago
  Ken Giusti 9883290393 Add spec for AMQP 1.0 Dispatch Router 3 years ago
  Andrew Laski 1605b16cdb Add capability to generate a sample policy.json 3 years ago
  Alexis Lee 81522cbb07 log: Mutable logging 3 years ago
  Andrew Laski c2aa12082e Allow policy registration from code 3 years ago
  Balazs Gibizer a4280690d1 versionedobjects: add json schema generation 3 years ago
  Adam Young bec03a1456 Policy merge tool 3 years ago
  Alexis Lee 07e61bbb5f Open Newton specs 3 years ago
  Brant Knudson b2d5010142 policy: Support YAML 3 years ago
  Doug Hellmann aa5b62e822 add a policy documenting how we manage release notes 3 years ago
  Boris Pavlovic 5b1201a149 OSprofiler cross service & project profiling 5 years ago
  Robert Collins 262bf23844 Replace incubator with unstable libraries. 3 years ago
  Clint Byrum 957069f083 Add spec for tooz driver policy 3 years ago
  Dmitriy Ukhlov 4c80ab95b1 Adds rabbitmq-pika-driver spec 3 years ago
  Angus Lees 8d5fb4e529 Add privsep blueprint 3 years ago
  Robert Collins 4714c1ebf1 Spec for pbr changes for pip 3 years ago