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  dineshbhor 3b050c4df1 Add placeholder for Ussuri release 2 tygodni temu
  caoyuan 0350db11d4 tox: Keeping going with docs 3 tygodni temu
  Q.hongtao 16a68529a7 Update doc link for README 2 miesięcy temu
  Q.hongtao d0364e048b Fix misspell word 2 miesięcy temu
  gujin c1da62c5f5 Sync Sphinx requirement 5 miesięcy temu
  jacky06 a760439b5a Replace git.openstack.org URLs with opendev.org URLs 7 miesięcy temu
  Zuul ae0fc25995 Merge "Remove policy-merge policy" 6 miesięcy temu
  OpenDev Sysadmins 1984e99228 OpenDev Migration Patch 7 miesięcy temu
  Ben Nemec 272a1fef9f Remove policy-merge policy 7 miesięcy temu
  Ben Nemec 9b223579c4 Switch to openstackdocstheme 7 miesięcy temu
  Ben Nemec cba6fecac6 Remove incubator policy 9 miesięcy temu
  lijunjie 17e24acb65 Fix the misspelling of "except" 10 miesięcy temu
  Zuul b63409532c Merge "Add placeholder for Train specs" 11 miesięcy temu
  ZhongShengping 896ed5e640 Update mailinglist from dev to discuss 11 miesięcy temu
  wangyayan d5a54bcb3f Add placeholder for Train specs 1 rok temu
  zhouxinyong dba0890c3c Replacing the HTTP protocal with HTTPS in contributing.rst. 1 rok temu
  Vieri 4c9945ef6e Update min tox version to 2.0 1 rok temu
  ZhongShengping a502180059 Clean up .gitignore references to personal tools 1 rok temu
  Raildo Mascena 0d6fa32479 config: Protecting Plaintext Secrets 2 lat temu
  Zuul 5bd6e3e34a Merge "fix tox python3 overrides" 1 rok temu
  Dai Dang Van 6cb4ef6130 Propose spec for handle config changes in code 2 lat temu
  Doug Hellmann 64a8dd5250 fix tox python3 overrides 1 rok temu
  ZhijunWei 346681b1d0 Fix the error documentation link 1 rok temu
  Doug Hellmann e08d73e781 import zuul job settings from project-config 1 rok temu
  Chris Dent 81484e3591 config: Add support for config from environment variables 1 rok temu
  Ben Nemec 9e3edb2500 Update feature freeze policy 1 rok temu
  melissaml ff45faa1d4 fix a typo rabbitmq-pika-driver.rst 1 rok temu
  Doug Hellmann f7c5eabf79 fix doc build 1 rok temu
  XiaojueGuan 3bd4382d78 Trivial: update url to new url 1 rok temu
  wangqi c2cace2299 fix a typo 1 rok temu
  Nam Nguyen Hoai b51d79bb54 Update installing requirements.txt 1 rok temu
  Zuul 04881390a4 Merge "Add -W for document build" 1 rok temu
  Lance Bragstad 10919b43b1 Propose specification for oslo.limit library 1 rok temu
  melissaml 69ea5d7dca Add -W for document build 1 rok temu
  ZhongShengping 291b307d9d Follow the new PTI for document build 1 rok temu
  melissaml dc14c93049 Update links in README 1 rok temu
  melissaml 424a87db48 Fix url for stevedore 1 rok temu
  melissaml 1a894db624 Modify grammatical errors 1 rok temu
  Zuul 11448f54ff Merge "Update kafka driver support" 1 rok temu
  Zuul e030348dc6 Merge "Add a new library policy and process proposal" 1 rok temu
  Andrew Smith 5564f12af0 Update kafka driver support 2 lat temu
  Zuul f8d7c98982 Merge "Propose specification to include policy scope" 2 lat temu
  Lance Bragstad 8ace3dc13e Propose specification to include policy scope 2 lat temu
  Doug Hellmann ad1f590d96 Pluggable drivers for oslo.config 2 lat temu
  Joshua Harlow 1ad2d8fda4 Add a new library policy and process proposal 3 lat temu
  Lance Bragstad 4fffcfd4bc Propose spec for deprecated policies 2 lat temu
  Doug Hellmann f097914f43 move the external-pdp spec to the queens directory 2 lat temu
  Jenkins eacb2913b4 Merge "external pdp hook for oslo.policy" 2 lat temu
  RHE b754a613cc external pdp hook for oslo.policy 2 lat temu
  zhangyangyang bfa2397176 change assert(Not)Equals to assert(Not)Equal 2 lat temu