OpenStack Oslo Specifications
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Doug Hellmann f7c5eabf79 fix doc build 2 years ago
adopt-oslo-versionedobjects More missing files for versionedobjects 5 years ago
adopt-debtcollector.rst Add debtcollector adoption 5 years ago
adopt-oslo-versionedobjects.rst More missing files for versionedobjects 5 years ago
app-agnostic-logging-parameters.rst Restore app-agnostic-logging-parameters spec 5 years ago
drop-namespace-packages.rst Drop namespace packages 5 years ago
fix-import-cycle-log-and-versionutils.rst Add fix-import-cycle-log-and-versionutils spec 5 years ago
graduate-oslo-context.rst context: graduate-oslo-context 5 years ago
graduate-policy.rst Graduating Policy 5 years ago
long-lived-transactionalized-db-fixtures.rst Trivial: update url to new url 2 years ago
make-enginefacade-a-facade.rst db: Make EngineFacade a Facade 5 years ago
notification-dispatcher-filter.rst messaging: notification dispatcher filter 5 years ago
notification-listener-pools.rst rename spec to match bp 5 years ago
oslo-cache-using-dogpile.rst cache: Convert oslo.cache to use dogpile.cache 5 years ago
oslo-middleware-healthcheck.rst fix a typo 2 years ago
remove-context-adapter.rst log: Restore remove-context-adapter spec 5 years ago
tooz-adoption.rst Propose tooz adoption 5 years ago