Victor Stinner e01418018f Use versionadded and versionchanged in doc
Document in which version new types and functions were added using
".. versionadded:: x.y". Document changes using
".. versionchanged:: x.y."

For watchdog module, add the versionadded tag in the module top
docstring, not on each type/function.

Add docstring to ssh_execute().

I used "git blame" + "git tag --contains=SHA1" to find these version,
and then I checked manually each version.

Change-Id: I56a7d8a4335833e9b49eedab026d20adfeedf942
2015-11-05 13:31:40 +01:00
__init__.py Move out of the oslo namespace package 2014-11-14 17:17:25 -05:00
lockutils.py Use versionadded and versionchanged in doc 2015-11-05 13:31:40 +01:00