OpenStack Context library
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Ghanshyam 5168ccdf01 Revert "Moves supported python runtimes from version 3.8 to 3.10"
This reverts commit 2a3c81225f.

Keeping Python 3.10 in setup.cfg classifier and zuul.yaml changes.

Reason for revert:


TC has been discussing about re-adding the python 3.8
testing in current master 2023.2 release testing.


While governance changes are under review, TC agreed to add py3.8 testing
so that we do not see more project/lib dropping python 3.8 and make them
uninstalable on python 3.8


Also adding py3.8 testing back in job

Change-Id: I0387859a84a058c2266c59cd6688fd5abc9fc867
1 month ago
doc Remove unnecessary unicode prefixes 1 year ago
oslo_context Integrate mypy 1 year ago
releasenotes Update master for stable/2023.1 3 months ago
.coveragerc Fix coverage configuration and execution 8 years ago
.gitignore gitignore: Hide reno cache files 4 years ago
.gitreview OpenDev Migration Patch 4 years ago
.mailmap exported from oslo-incubator by 9 years ago
.pre-commit-config.yaml Move flake8 as a pre-commit local target. 2 years ago
.stestr.conf Switch to stestr 5 years ago
.zuul.yaml Moves supported python runtimes from version 3.8 to 3.10 2 months ago
CONTRIBUTING.rst Align contributing doc with oslo's policy 3 years ago
HACKING.rst Fix URLs according to document migration 6 years ago
LICENSE exported from oslo-incubator by 9 years ago
README.rst Replace URLs with URLs 4 years ago
requirements.txt Remove use of positional decorator 6 years ago
setup.cfg Revert "Moves supported python runtimes from version 3.8 to 3.10" 1 month ago Cleanup py27 support 10 months ago
test-requirements.txt Integrate mypy 1 year ago
tox.ini Fix the docs job 4 months ago


Oslo Context Library

The Oslo context library has helpers to maintain useful information about a request context. The request context is usually populated in the WSGI pipeline and used by various modules such as logging.

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