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Hervé Beraud f831302d61 ignore reno generated artifacts
Change-Id: Ifde690d7e5f59fc95533bc97d513d6aa6c432599
2020-03-03 14:52:45 +01:00
ZhongShengping d702f1f97e Clean up .gitignore references to personal tools
Developers run all sorts of different tools within Git repositories,
any of which can leave their own special trashfiles all over the
place. We can't every hope to catalog them all, so better to
recommend developers simply configure a global core.excludesfile to
filter the irrelevant files which tend to get created by their
personal choice of tools.

To this end, remove the long-standing sections for "Mr Developer"
and "Editors" since their mere existence here sends the signal that
we welcome (and have time to review) additions for any old tool
someone ever might happen to try. Also add a comment block
explaining this, for clarity.

We can, and should of course, continue to list files created by the
tools recommended by our workflow (test frameworks called from tox,
documentation and packaging builds, et cetera).

This change is a port of I1b41efac219fca44e2548fc36633724d0ecfc0cb
from the openstack-dev/oslo-cookiecutter repository.

Change-Id: If94ca7bcf92366570623feda58c19314a6ad0bad
2018-10-15 11:56:11 +08:00
Lance Bragstad 5b5d628431 Ignore documentation builds
We don't need to keep track of these things in tree since they are
generated from the code.

Change-Id: I8307aac199c3f1ba809e8b4eae28b067340a810f
2018-09-17 14:56:48 +00:00
Lance Bragstad e5d6b14534 Convert tox.ini to using stestr
With the upgrade to oslotest 3.6.0 [0], testr no longer works [1].
This is because oslotest no longer requires testr and we don't depend
on it directly in oslo.limit.

[0] d5a3c58f71
[1] 897823fbd6

Change-Id: I4357350b3ad442658ef872c295dbe734a0f2cc9b
2018-07-02 19:23:45 +00:00
wangxiyuan 69eb4440dc Init repo
This patch initialises the limit repo using oslo-cookiecutter

Change-Id: Iaf748223fee886d057f40384c080d4dcd7d3ab73
2018-05-17 18:06:06 +08:00