[stable-only] Cap virtualenv for py37

py37 test started to fail with latest virtualenv (20.16.4) as it
bundles setuptools 65.3.0, which causes installation problems under
py37. (Note: with py38 the problem does not occur).

This patch sets virtualenv<20.16.4 to unblock the gate as
virtualenv 20.16.3 bundles setuptools 63.4.1, with which py37 gate
works well.

Change-Id: I29beb88dd241af72397bf0dd1fc46c98a229425c
Elod Illes 7 months ago
parent 28f0301f82
commit 766715d310

@ -2,6 +2,10 @@
minversion = 3.1
envlist = py37,pep8
ignore_basepython_conflict = true
# Pin setuptools via virtualenv as latest virtualenv pulls in 65.3.0
# version of setuptools for py37, which causes installation problems
# (virtualenv 20.16.3 uses setuptools 63.4.1).
requires = virtualenv<20.16.4
basepython = python3