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  Zuul f1b47b6ba8 Merge "Add Support For oslo.metrics" 2 weeks ago
  Ching Kuo bdbb6d62ee Add Support For oslo.metrics 8 months ago
  Zuul 15ad4c2b7a Merge "Upgrade the pre-commit-hooks version" 4 weeks ago
  wu.shiming c1f9fbeadf Upgrade the pre-commit-hooks version 1 month ago
  yangyawei daca25497c setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores 1 month ago
  Jorhson Deng 355e0bd79b Remove references to 'sys.version_info' 2 months ago
  Zuul 219ab13705 Merge "Fix formatting of release list" 2 months ago
  Zuul 3996d11b80 Merge "bindep: Add 'librdkafka-dev' dependency" 2 months ago
  Pierre Riteau a5ad998b12 Fix formatting of release list 2 months ago
  Zuul a43e6c6024 Merge "Add Python3 xena unit tests" 2 months ago
  Zuul 8b71832947 Merge "Update master for stable/wallaby" 2 months ago
  Kenneth Giusti f43a70687c Move flake8 as a pre-commit local target. 3 months ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 83d0e45307 Add Python3 xena unit tests 3 months ago
  OpenStack Release Bot bddf53109e Update master for stable/wallaby 3 months ago
  Zuul 5aa645b38b Merge "Remove lower constraints." 4 months ago
  Zuul 11a49a0a3e Merge "Correctly handle missing RabbitMQ queues" 4 months ago
  Daniel Bengtsson e52dc2accf Remove lower constraints. 5 months ago
  Hervé Beraud 4937949dff Correctly handle missing RabbitMQ queues 6 months ago
  Zuul 38a06028f2 Merge "Move jobs to py38" 5 months ago
  Zuul 11e13abf9b Merge "remove unicode from code" 5 months ago
  Zuul 3b26a60c92 Merge "Remove six" 5 months ago
  Zuul e18553f505 Merge "Deprecate the mandatory flag" 5 months ago
  Hervé Beraud 2b89d97888 Deprecate the mandatory flag 5 months ago
  Zuul 0e7ac7d29e Merge "Use py3 as the default runtime for tox" 5 months ago
  Zuul 2bc8b9d904 Merge "fix variable name" 6 months ago
  Zuul e97ad18706 Merge "Use TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE" 6 months ago
  Zuul 7f823b406e Merge "Fix type of direct_mandatory_flag opt" 6 months ago
  xuanyandong 642367cdfd remove unicode from code 6 months ago
  xuanyandong 5560e8e671 Remove six 6 months ago
  Ben Nemec b8f8b17030 Fix type of direct_mandatory_flag opt 6 months ago
  Hervé Beraud 686a8b6182 Dropping lower constraints testing 6 months ago
  Hervé Beraud f16892ea48 Move jobs to py38 1 year ago
  Hervé Beraud 0e4ec379c0 fix variable name 7 months ago
  Hervé Beraud 54f8724be2 Fix doc title rendering 7 months ago
  Hervé Beraud 7a83dcd588 Use TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE 8 months ago
  Hervé Beraud 672c00a67d Use py3 as the default runtime for tox 8 months ago
  Thomas Goirand 0c4203bbdc Python 3.9: isAlive is removed 8 months ago
  Zuul 2cc35f6b1a Merge "Run rabbitmq heartbeat in python thread by default" 8 months ago
  Sean Mooney 00d15eaeab add min of 1 to rpc_conn_pool_size 8 months ago
  Hervé Beraud a997f09e5b Adding pre-commit 10 months ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 4bae96d7f7 Add Python3 wallaby unit tests 10 months ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 633383babb Update master for stable/victoria 10 months ago
  Zuul 62e104bdb5 Merge "[goal] Migrate testing to ubuntu focal" 10 months ago
  Ghanshyam Mann a21c96ec0e [goal] Migrate testing to ubuntu focal 11 months ago
  Zuul 32943fd5a5 Merge "Add a ping endpoint to RPC dispatcher" 10 months ago
  Hervé Beraud add5ab4ece Run rabbitmq heartbeat in python thread by default 10 months ago
  Arnaud Morin 82492442f3 Add a ping endpoint to RPC dispatcher 1 year ago
  Zuul 8d78ab2339 Merge "Cancel consumer if queue down" 11 months ago
  shenjiatong 196fa877a9 Cancel consumer if queue down 12 months ago
  Zuul 599c0b9d1f Merge "Bump bandit version" 11 months ago